Please help- Which pair of boots do you like best?

  1. I have a $20 off coupon code I must use at Steve Madden. I was checking out their fall boots because I need a pair for my skinny jeans. The purchase has come down to these two options. Which style do you opt for? Why?

    #1 [​IMG]

  2. #2
  3. 1
  4. Why did you ladies pick the ones you picked?
  5. i would look for booties - I am not sure the jeans in boot look will still be aroudnd this year. if it has to be these two - no 1 bec I am not sure about the rouched detailing.
  6. I would pick which ever one is more comfortable since they both look cute. Yea, why not try booties, they are hot this season!
  7. I would go for #1 the heels makes it look cute and i'm not really into the slouch look :smile:
  8. #2
  9. I like the look of the flats.
  10. #1 ... I don't like flats; in fact, I'd even get a higher heel personally.
  11. I prefer number 1, they look nicer and have a heel, they'd be easier to dress up or down, I think the second pair would make most outfits look a bit scruffy and I don't really like flat boots.
  12. I prefer #2 ... I just don't like the heel on the first one.
  13. 2. they'd look much better with skinnies and flat boots are much bigger this year.
  14. Thanks, ladies, for all your help.
  15. I vote for #1 because I look boots with heels.