Please Help!! Which one is an all year round bag? 07 Cafe or 06 Truffle?

  1. Hi ladies..I need your help again!!:yes:

    so after posting the thread asking about whether to pick the
    07 Cafe or 06 Truffle..I was SOOO close at paying for the 07 Cafe..until..

    I read this other post about how people do NOT think 07 Cafe is suitable for the summer and making it NOT an all year round bag..:shrugs: :push:


    which one of the two is an all year round bag? that you would carry in both summer and in winter? :confused1: please help!!:heart: :heart:
  2. AWWW ... are you still searching for your perfect brown bbag??

    it is hard to decide with all the colors to choose from! I think you shouldn't base your decision just by everyone's opinion on tpf - it is great to ask for suggestions, and I think the people here are a great help - but ultimately YOU have to wear it so go with what YOU love!
    Last year there was an 05 Chocolate City I wanted on eBay but the general thought on tpf was the leather was too veiny so I didn't buy it ... BUT, I actually LIKE veiny!!! duh! so FINALLY another one just came up and I won it!
    If you think you will USE Cafe all year long, I think you should get it!

    Good Luck!
  3. ITA, you shouldn't base your decisions on us :tender:...if you love cafe more, then get cafe & the same with truffle...i think you can wear any color any time of year (but then again, i live in nyc where anything goes!!!)...but IMO, you can't get more versatile than brown unless you choose black or white...just get whichever one pulls on the :heart:-strings!!!
  4. :yes: :yes:
    sigh* I suck at decision making! but you guys are totally right!! it should be based on what I like..I wish I can see the real thing in person..I bet it would make my decision making so much more easy!! :crybaby: damn vancouver :sad:
    they only had a bunch of greens and blues :sad: which are also nice, but not what I am looking for!!
    okay..I think it's going to be cafe for now..but I just got another offer on the camel for just 995 :S so tempting!! I'll keep you ladies posted but definitely, by the end of march, I will receive my first b bag..dat is my goal :graucho:
    meanwhile, thanks for all the help!!! really appreciate it!! :love:
  5. I think that cafe irl is really dark, not as versatile for spring summer. I had this same dillema and finally got truffle a few weeks ago. It is a great color for all seasons.
  6. You're in Vancouver, BC? Holts had both 07 cafe and 07 truffle.
  7. The 07 Truffle is darker and richer than the 06 Truffle, so you might find that one the happy compromise between the 06 Truffle and Cafe...

    Look at the swatches at Ateliernaff!
  8. yeah! I'm in vancouver, I got the salesperson to send me a list of what she has
    and this is what she wrote back :
    We do have the city arena in stock in the following colours at the
    emerald green
    chocolate brown
    forest green:crybaby:
    and then I didn't bother to go check after I received the email!! but I think I should have anyways :sad:
    but but..
    I bought the CAFE city afterall :smile: :yes: very first balenciaga!!
  9. :yahoo:Congrats! I don't think you really could have gone wrong either way. I'm sure you'll love it!

  10. ^^ yay, you're gonna :heart: it, congrats
  11. loooove the cafe... i dont think there should be any rules which say that particular colours can't be worn in a particular season... true fashion and beauty is emotionally based anyway. i think whichever colour we fall in love with, we should go for, and wear / carry all year around!
  12. I was comparing the two colors this weekend, and the one that really sings to me is the cafe. Or whatever it's called. I see that the list the lady sent said "chocolate brown." The Spring colors clearly call it "cafe." The SA where I shopped called it "Dark Brown." AtelierNaff says it's "cafe" in French and "dark brown" or "coffee" in English. For 2007, AtelierNaff says the Spring/Summer color also receives the name "Marron" from Balenciaga. Hence, on eBay, there's quite the confusion about what it's called (and in my mind too).

    All I know is that the 2007 bag I saw this weekend is gorgeous and like no other dark brown I've ever seen. If they'd had a city bag at Barneys BH, I'd have bought it in a minute. Alas, they did not.

    You will never regret this choice - and I think it's year-round, myself.