PLEASE help which LV should I buy?

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  1. Hello Ladies,
    I am completely new to the site. I hope that you guys can assist me with this.

    My birthday is coming up and my husband agree to would buy me a new LV purse as long as it didnt exceed $1100.

    I already own 3 LV pures (Popincourt, Speedy, & the mini looping). All in the monogram canvas.

    I am confused I like a few purses but I dont know which one to get. I am 5'7 so ussually I like the big purses. Any suggestions?
  2. The folks in the LV subforum will be better able to help you.
  3. ^^Ya, there are plenty of threads you can search on in the LV forum. It's so much fun to look at people's purchases or planned purchases; that's how I get ideas too;)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.