Please Help, which is a lighter bag, Thanks.

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  1. can someone tell me which is a lighter bag but yet can carry heavy stuff... Large CC Cotton Club Tote OR the North-South Modern Chain Tote?

    thank you.l
  2. i dont have the cotton, but i used to have the NS and due to the chains its a very heavy bag.. iw ouls assume more so than the cotton club cuz it has the chains
  3. The modern chain is most definately the heavier bag and is VERY heavy , though that didn't stop me from purchasing two!
  4. Thanks PalaceGreen n Baby Boo. how does the modern chain weigh compared to the Baby Cabas? i have the Baby Cabas n i felt it is kinda heavy... is the MOdern Chain even heavier?
  5. I think the N/s is by far a much heavier bag than the cottom club which is made of very lightweight leather. The cotton club should also be able to hold more than the N/S. If I remember, there were some problems with the metal rings where the handles go into the bag on the cotton club tote. If that should happen, Chanel will fix it so it doesn't happen again, but just keep in mind that those rings could come loose. Both are GORGEOUS bags!
  6. Thanks echo_23