PLEASE HELP- Which designer is this bag???

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  1. Please help me folks...

    I'm trying to find out who designed a certain handbag, hopefully you can help me from my rather vague description! I never saw the bag in the flesh so these are all guess-timations from a picture in a magazine.

    Firstly it was around 30x30cm and was an 'it' bag around one year ago, it was a square shape and it's handle length meant it would have to be carried in your hand not over the shoulder. It was a navy/ black leather with (and hopefully this should give it away) different coloured leather (possibly patent ) panels across the top in bright clours such as orange, green and red.

    Would be fab to hear suggestions as I'm desperate to get a hold of it!
  2. Hi, I have no clue, but if you still have the magazine then I'd post a picture of it here.
  3. Sadly I don't, I can't even remember which magazine! I know that at the time I thought it was out of my price range, I think it was over a grand (possibly more than two) whereas now, after some poor quality bags I easily bore of, I feel it may be time to invest! That's if I can find it!
  4. I forgot to say that each coloured panel along the top was separated by a zip, so the bag was divided into several compartments,
  5. Hmmm. That is a tough one. If you could find a pic that would help. Good luck on your search.
  6. Wow! That's it!!!I'm so pleased I've been able to track it down, thank you so much!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    Now...Does anybody know if D&G bags are good quality? I haven't had any bags from them before, only a pair of shoes.

    Thanks again, you've made my day!xxxxxxx
  7. Had a quick look and it doesn't seem to be on sale anywhere in the UK, except in black. If any of you folks spot it please let me know!x
  8. Lots of fake D&Gs out there - so be careful. Looks like the one online at Neiman's is on sale for half off - not a bad deal!
  9. I have the one from luisaviaroma and it is beautiful in black with gold studs on brown handles and gold hardware. 12 in x 7.5 in. x 7.5 in.
  10. saw someone with the lily satchel in black on campus today
    nice bag, she was wearing it on the shoulder comfortably i'd say!
  11. this is the D&G Lily satchel in black I got as a Valentine's gift from my husband that I "suggested" so he lovingly agreed to give me...heheh.:yahoo:

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  12. Thats this