Please HELP...Which cosmetic case?

  1. I need the help of my fellow TPF'ers...I can't decide which cosmetic case to keep/buy?
    My SA called me on Tues to tell me that the store would be getting in 1 Amarante cosmetic case next week and that she would put it aside for me...Yesterday she called to tell me that they got in 1 gold mirror cosmetic case (she was completely surprised as she did not think they would be getting anymore in), of course I went in and bought it as this was the one I had originally wanted!
    The problem is, I keep thinking about the amarante as well, I only want one of these two as I already got the pomme cosmetic case...Which would you rather have, the amarante or the gold????
    Happy Valentine's Day to All!!
  2. I'm not a fan of the gold...I like the amarante better, but that really depends on what you like more. If you had the amarante instead would you keep thinking about the gold? If so, get both!
  3. i love the gold, typicaly i'm not a blingy type of person, but this gold is so soft, i totally love it!
  4. Amarante, I returned my gold because the quality was awful. It was like orange peel in spots.
  5. I'm not a fan of the Mirror line either ... I like the Vernis ones better ~ so definitely the Amarante!
  6. Amarante!
  7. I'd keep the gold! I have the gold and everytime I get in my bag, it is like a bright little sunshine in my bag :smile:.
  8. Amarante!!!
  9. I'd go for the gold, especially if you already have a pomme accessory.
  10. gold!!! i love amarante, but i hate seeing my fingerprints :sad:
  11. Out of the two, the Amarante. I don't care for the quality of the gold at all. My favorite is the Pomme.
  12. Tough one....I waitlisted for those 2 as well. In the end, I got the amarante.
  13. I vote gold! I want the gold or silver so bad ~ I regret not WL for one!
  14. Amarante - It is one of my favorite vernis colors.
  15. I don't think we're helping, seems we're all over the place. I vote gold, I had the choice and kept the gold, love the sparkle and didn't like the finger prints on the vernis.