Please help! Which clutch should I keep?


Which clutch(es) to keep?

  1. gray

  2. black

  3. both

  4. neither

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi, everyone! I found these beautiful leather wristlets at DSW and I can't decide which color to keep. I love gray & black but I'm afraid keeping both would be excessive. Please tell me what you think. TIA!
    clutches-resized.jpg black-clutch-resized.jpg gray-clutch-resized.jpg
  2. What brand are they and were they expensive? If they weren't too pricy, then I recommend keeping both! If I really had to choose one, then the black would be more practical. =)
  3. i'm not too crazy about either one of them but if i had to choose, i'd take the black one...
  4. Black.
  5. Black would be my choice!
  6. The black one looks cooler in that style.
  7. I like the black.
  8. Hmmm. I like gray bags in general, but I'd have to agree - I like the black one best here, too.
  9. I think the black one is prettier.
  10. you can't go wrong with black!:tup:
  11. Another vote for black!
  12. Black.

    I bought a gray clutch last year and I've never used it:sad:
  13. They're cute! I think the black would go with more outfits. :tup: