Please Help Which BV Wallet Do I Get?

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  1. I love BV but I really do not know what the names of anything are. I have the classic weave in black and wanted to get a matching wallet. Which one do you suggest? I was thinking the one with the zipper cause it could be used as a clutch too. I also really liked the one in the same size with a flap. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  2. I love the zip-around wallets. They are so easy to carry and get in and out of.
  3. bgbrunette, welcome to BV! Personally I would prefer a flap one (medium continental). The color/leather choice would be iron lizard which is truly fabulous...I'm thinking on buying one to match my black bag for A/W season.
  4. Welcome to BV!! I agree with gemibebe. Iron and black would be a gorgeous combination! I have the continental wallet with credit card slots on both sides, and really love it. Haven't ever used the zip wallet though.
  5. I agree with the iron suggestion as well. :tup: Either continental or zip around would be lovely. I purchased a silver continental and it looks fantastic with any color leather :heart:
  6. Ooooooh, a zip iron would be amazing. :yes:You could definitely use it as a clutch too!
  7. I love the lizard idea!! Thanks so much!!
  8. Welcome to BV! I love zip around wallets. Both practical, stream lined and stylish. Good luck choosing as you can't go wrong with any beautiful BV wallet!
  9. Hi and welcome! You have some wonderful styles to choose from. Wallets are so personal--we all carry different things. I've never had a zip wallet so I can't comment on that. I have a continental tri-fold, and haven't seen one exactly like mine for awhile, but I like the longer size--I carry a lot of stuff!

    Have fun choosing and please share a photo with us when you decide!
  10. I finally got my BV zip wallet today, and I absolutely LOVE it!
  11. ^^Did you get iron?
  12. No, mine is actually called "orange flame" -- it's from the 2004 collection. I got it from a trusted consigner who told me that it's never been used! It's kind of hard to describe -- I need to photograph it and post it along with photos of my new ebano large veneta which I am totally in love with!
  13. That sounds beautiful! When I make my decision I will let you know.
  14. I just got a limo zip around to match my limo zip around card case...still deciding on it.