Please help. Which bag for my first BV?

Which bag for my first BV?

  • Leather knot clutch.

  • Intrecciato Nappa Bag & wait for a stretch knot clutch in leather

  • Leather knot clutch & Intrecciato Nappa Bag.

  • Neither

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Mar 10, 2008
Dear all,

I need your help in deciding which BV I should get. I have been admiring the knot clutch for ages and since getting a job back in 2009, I have been hunting the BV store for a knot clutch made in leather, prefably in the stretched version so I can carry more stuff in it. Sadly, the sa tell me its virtually impossible to get a knot clutch (regular or stretch) in leather...

Fast forward to 2013, I stumbled upon a leather knot clutch in the regular size...I think the sa called it 'memory knot clutch'...frankly I wasnt listening because I was holding a leather knot clutch that was supposedly very hard to get in my hands! The leather weaving is gorgeous but am not too sure if spacewise its too small for me.

Besides, I was drawn into the store that day because of the Intrecciato Nappa Bag...

It felt great carried and looked great with my jeans, but am not too sure if it would work for work since the bag looks a bit casual for a conservative work environment. But by paying $300 more I do get a much bigger bag than the knot... I get the Leather knot clutch or the Intrecciato Nappa Bag for work and wait for a leather stretch knot clutch (assuming these exist)?

Any suggestions/thoughts much appreciated!
Feb 26, 2010
I have the memory knot in Nero (black) and I love it! It's perfect for dressing up or down. In fact, the first time I ever used it was when I went grocery shopping because I just couldn't wait! My mom still teases me and calls it's my grocery bag.

I would vote for the knot for you for several reasons:
1. BV doesn't usually make knots in leather and you've managed to stumble upon one
2. Knots generally don't go on sale but the price could go up in the future
3. This is a really great knot
4. You've been wanting a knot so getting another bag wouldn't really "curb your appetite," especially if you're not sure if the Bella bag is practical for you

In the end, only you can know which one is better for you but that's my opinion. Good luck deciding! You can't go wrong either way.


May 11, 2008
United States
Leather Knots do come around sometimes--aside from the Memory Knots, there have been several others (like the vachette, cervo ossidato, and the one that Miss_Fancy_Bags has with patent accents--can't remember the name). There also have been some Stretch Knots in leather, in exotics at least. The ones that come to mind are the Gorgiera and the Ayers Papier from a few seasons past. There might be others yet to come.

From the way you worded your post, it sounds like both options you're considering aren't exactly what you want, but you'd get them just to scratch the BV itch for now. If it were me, I'd be tempted, too, but I know I'd be better off waiting for just the right thing to come along. For me, I'd hate to spend this kind of money on something that I wish were bigger, or a different color, or dressier, etc.

But I'm not you, and you might decide that one of these is "good enough." If you're not sure whether the bag would look as good with work attire as with jeans, then go try the bag when you're dressed in work attire and find out. If you're not sure if the Memory Knot has enough space for your belongings, go try putting your phone, keys, money, and whatever else inside it and see if the capacity is adequate. Then, at least you'll have more information.

Good luck deciding!