PLEASE HELP!! Where to get a Mamma Mia in these prints? *Playground, Foresta, Citta*

  1. :sos::sos::sos:

    I can't even find any on eBay :sad:

    Anyone could point me in the right direction?
    Any specific LeSportsac outlets, Department Stores, Online Stores, anywhere at all?

    Very much appreciated!
  2. I haven't seen any of those around but I'll keep my eyes peeled for them :wondering :search:
  3. yup..those are super rare right now...not quite sure why? would you consider BVs?
  4. I tried to buy a Foresta Mamma mia from a Canadian seller in eBay but surprisely someone won with a very high bid... one day after... I had a second offer and I didn't buy it... Take care, some ****in weirds are bidding high to increase the prize of the most wanted tokidokis.
  5. yeah you gotta watch out for those kind of pisses me off when they do that..:cursing: but im sure you bound to find better deals..
  6. That makes me mad too and then I don't want what they're selling either when you realize they're scamming you to get more $$ out of you. LOSERS! :rant: :rant: :rant:
  7. The south Hampton New York location has the play ground. Be sure you know exactly what bag you want sales are final, the Playground is 1/2 off right now and the other styles they have are only 25% off, hope this helps...
  8. vmasterz - i did tried on a BV when i got the Pirata MM - it's just waay too big and not practical for me - I can't carry off the big bags hence I sold off my two Ciao Ciaos :sad:
    mskitty - i actually called Southampton and they only have them in Camo Black, Fumo, Inferno and Paradiso - in short in everything that I DON'T WANT - isn't it weird when they have the prints from Summer and Winter but none from Fall??? :confused1:

    Very frustrating!!!:hysteric:
  9. Places still have Cammo Black? wow, I'da thought all those woulda been sold out. I thought it was more popular than that.
  10. let me know if you find any citta, also looking for one here!!
  11. I am also on the hunt for those Mamma Mias, a foresta one in particular (or should I say vmasterz's ?:graucho: )

    That seller uses stock photo (we have discussed this in another thread) and she's been selling this bag using the same picture over & over, so I guess nobody would want to buy it off from her...
  12. yeah the BV is too big for me...gotta love the mamma mia...and its sad that they are discontinuing that style!!

    juicymario: you know i tried looking at foreign not even one mamma mia foresta at all!! must be a real good style and print..!
  13. i like the print on that one. any takers?