Please Help! Where is date code on MM Looping??

  1. Hi Ladies, my sister purchased a MM Looping from Authentic LV Lady. I know she's good, but the date code is on a tag in the inside pocket. Is this right? I thought it would be imprinted into the bag? I know some bags have a tagged date code, is this one of them?

    Thanks for any help!!
  2. Thanks Ayla!!! We can always count on you for answers!!!!
  3. Aww.. :shame::love:
  4. I have this purse, and I just checked it. It is in the inside pocket on a tag.
  5. Also, does this bag have a seam on the bottom of the bag running across the middle? I just saw one on Ebay that the lady says has been authenticated by LV and it's got some seam on the bottom of the bag. I thought that the bottom was one piece running up the sides?? Thanks!
  6. ^ i think both styles were made if i'm not wrong...
  7. ^^^ Yes, the Looping MM was originally made with two pieces of canvas on the bottom. LV started making it with one piece around 2003-2004. So both styles are real! :yes:

  8. See this is what's confusing me. My sister's bag was made in 01 and it has One piece of canvas across the bottom. This other bag I looked at was made in 03 and it had two pieces of canvas???
  9. There was another thread on this recently...
    It might be in the authenticate this forum.

    Let me go and dig it up...

    Edited because it was a Cabas Mezzo that was causing so much angst.
    That bag was also made with two pieces and then one piece, but I forget which came first.
  10. Call LV....They Will Give You The Answer(s) Right Away
  11. There were a few years when these two styles overlapped. I don't think LV completely stopped making the ones with the two pieces of canvas before they started the other ones. Don't quote me on the dates - around early nineties I reckon'. :yes: