PLEASE HELP~ Where I can get a pair of Lanivn flat boots??

  1. :crybaby: I want a pair of Lanvin flat boots so badly~

    Please tell me where I can get a pair size 37???? I want brown or tan~~
  2. Barneys sold the Lanvin flat boots in black and dark brown. They sold out early in the season though. If you call around, you might be a be able to find a random pair that has been returned.

    I got my tobacco brown pair from Unfortunately they are completely sold out as well. I never saw the tobacco brown for sale anywhere in the US.

    For some reason, several of the US boutiques/retailers who carry Lanvin (Bob Ellis, Kirna Zabete, Jeffrey) did not carry the flat boot.

    Good luck with your search. If you are able to find a pair it will be well worth the legwork. They are FABULOUS boots: very unique and super comfortable. I hope you're able to find your size.
  3. Thank you! However, I don't live in US!!! Is it possible to buy it online? Thanks!
  4. They have some on ebay as well
  5. What size are you looking for? Also, have you checked w/Lanvin boutiques?
  6. Try stalking ebay. They are on there in your size in black right now, but no brown or tan. They may show up, I haven't seen any for months and then just since last night there have been a bunch of pairs posted, I managed to get a black pair in my size yesterday. :smile: Good luck!
  7. Oh silly me...I see you said size 37 ... I'll keep on the lookout for you :smile:
  8. Thank you everyone!
  9. I''m still looking for size 37 or 37.5~ please let me know if anyone found a pair of these in tan or brown!!! Thank you!