Please Help! Where Can I find a Bal Clutch with Strap?

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  1. Girls...I was just looking at the Balenciaga Accessories and Clutches and saw these bal clutches with straps...I have been searching for a clutch like that for ages and am wondering how I can get my hands on it? I' Thanks in advance! :smile::smile:

    p.s. I'm borrowing pluiee's picture, thanks! [​IMG]
  2. These are the Balenciaga Flat Clutches and they're pretty readily available. You can call BalNY or BalLA or NM or Barneys. I saw a bunch when I bought my second one two weeks ago at Barneys, you can call Barneys NY on Madison and ask for Tracy. She's awesome!
  3. Thanks! Will do tomorrow!:yes:
  4. I called Barneys NY and the lady said they don't have that clutch right I tried Balenciaga NY and yes they carry it!
  5. What colors do they have in the flat clutch? Does every color come in it?
  6. ^Not every color, some could be sold out. I know they have black, sapphire, white, and I think ruby and anthra, but don't hold me to it, I haven't checked their stock in a while. It never hurts to call and ask.
  7. I saw a couple of these at NM, Tyson's Corner, VA today. They had yellow, a bright blue and a black. Sorry, I don't know the exact color names. Ask for SA Barbara - (703) 761-1600 or 877-877-1849.