Please Help Where Can I Buy Paddington From If Live In Uk Apart From Lvr/nap??

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  1. Hello ladies please do any of you know where I can buy a whiskey paddington from that will ship to the UK apart from LVR and NAP as that colour is not available from either sites...:sad2:
  2. Did you try calling the Chloe boutique, Brown's, Harrod's, Selfridges, Liberty, etc.?
  3. Browns, Harrods, Selfridges all carry Chloe too (though not at all locations).
  4. Roz, a reputable ebay seller, sells paddingtons and is located in the UK.
  5. Thank you so much -sorry a little inexperienced at all this-would Harrods/Browns/Selfridges be able to post items as I do not live anywhere near those stores??