Please help!!! Where are Mulberry bags made?

  1. I'm sorry if this was posted before I want to know if there's Mulberry Bags made in Spain? One of mine says that...
  2. Yes, they do make their bags in Spain. Also Turkey. The bags are made there and come back to the UK to be finished. Some bags carry Made in Spain tags, some have Made In Turkey & some have Made in England.
  3. the reason I'm asking is because I sold my mulberry wich was bought at a Nordstrum sale. Now the buyer emailed me with this concern. Thanks

    I also heard that they can also be made in China. :confused1:
  4. Yes, i've heard of some being made in China. If I was you I'd reassure the buyer and tell them to e-mail Mulberry direct for confirmation if they are still concerned - or send them over to TPF !!!
  5. Good advice :tup:
  6. My Roxanne is made in Turkey(MULBERRY WEBSITE) and other bags are made in England
  7. All mine were made in Turkey!!!
  8. My newer ones were made in Turkey but most of mine were made in England.
  9. Ive got a real mixture!
  10. My Phoebe was made in Turkey.
  11. The buyer says there's no serial # on the disk and I really can't recall it :confused1: Do any of you know if this is normal? Maybe because it was made in Spain? :shame:
  12. Some have serial numbers, some don't - there is no logic at all, lol.
  13. Yep, mulberry did serial numbers for a while but then stopped as all the Chinese fakers started doing it as well, and now they're just randomly puttning serial numbers on some bags - I have had several bags, none with serialnumber all very much authentic :tup:
  14. I have 2 bags made in England, and a mini smithfield wallet made in China, which i was a bit surprised at, but i love it. The quality is fabulous.
  15. My new choco bayswater was made in England. All of my other bags say Turkey.