Please HELP when did this come out??

  1. I think its called a Zoe signature hobo in BURGENDY!!

    when did it come out and how much was it retail?

    The color is so lovely!

    serial is 6070 there is a smaller one at 6045

    Please i need opinions ASAP!!
    fc2c_12.jpg f90d_12.jpg
  2. I've got a large one of these in blue. I'm not positive, but I think I bought it in 2002.
  3. i love how everything is aligned on this. ive developed hate for the new styles. they look very carelessly made.

    thanks maxie 2002/2003 was a good year for coach styles and quality
  4. I forgot to add that I found the wine/chestnut (the one you have) in an old Coach catalog. It retailed for $258 and it was an autumn 2002 catalog.
  5. hey ashley thanks for looking but i saw that and its the smaller one. The bigger one is like 1 inch wider hehe

    The one i was looking at is 114 BUY IT NOW + 10 ship or 59.99 bidding. which isnt bad for a new bag. but then again it is 5 years old. I just never seen that wine color before. Looks special