Please help.Whats best way to look after soft Mulberry rio leather

  1. Hi, Ive just received a beautiful Rosemary in the trio colours of brown and cream and coconut. The leather is extremely soft and smooshy and I love it and am very scared to ruin it. Does anyone know which is the best way to look after this without it getting too dirty too soon? I do want to start using it as soon as possible but want to make sure Ive protected it first.

    Do I put the colonil waterproof spray on this type of leather or it that spray only for Darwin leather? Or is there a special spray that is only for the very softest of leathers? Please excuse all these questions.

    All advice welcome. Thanks so much in advance.

    Here's the one I received
  2. My plum somerset tote is Rio leather. The carecard says to spray with collonil so personally I'd do that with your Rosemary.
    Why on earth are they saying in the listing that it's 100% marc jacobs??????????
  3. Thank you so much. I will do that today as Im so eager to use it.

    I know even I noticed that they had said Marc Jacobs, but much later :smile:
  4. Oh, that's a Roxanne, not a Rosemary ...
  5. ^^^Yes, that's the roxanne- not the smaller rosemary!