Please help! What is this?

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  1. I need it, I want it, I've gotta have it .......... :heart:

    Oh help please! Who is this made by and do you know what the model is called? Sorry guys cos I bet you all know but I haven't got a clue about bags and I'm relying on you experts to make sure my OH gets me a yummy Christmas pressie (early of course)! :blush:

  2. Welcome to the Purse Forum! I'm not an expert, but when I clicked on it, Fendi Female's profile came up. I would suggest either sending her a PM explaining your question, or posting in the Fendi subforum on the chance that it may be a Fendi bag.

    Good luck! Hope you enjoy it here!
  3. :shrugs:
    you should PM the member in case she doesn't see this
  4. Thank you for your advice and welcome. I have PM'd Fendifemale in case she can help but haven't heard from her so thought I'd try you experts! Thanks for the help so far though. I'll post the same question in the Fendi bit of the forum and keep my fingers crossed! Thanks again.

  5. Hi all

    Fendifemale has the best bag in the world as an avatar and I WANT ONE!


    Does anybody know if this is a Fendi bag? If not, any idea what it is???? :confused1:

  6. The plate on the bag look s like a Dolce and Gabbana one.
  7. I have to be honest and say that's what I thought but I've scoured the net looking at D&G bags and can't find one the same. Thanks for your suggestion - very helpful.

    Don't think I'm destined to find this bag though :tdown:
  8. It is definitely D&G, but I can't remember where I saw the version w/ the gold plated logo. It looks like a NM stock photo. Anyways here is a similar version though:

    A Saks one:

    Hopefully fendifemale gets back to you! :smile:

    And, some gold plated ones in similar styles...
  9. Thank you all very much (especially Ashakes for the wonderful alternatives). Fendifemale has PM'd me and it is a D&G bag possibly from the Fall 2006 collection. I'm still on the hunt but am least a bit nearer.

    Thank you once again.

  10. So far I found this, but not from a reputable source yet.
  11. OK, this link has the exact bag. Scroll down a bit. It's a blog and links to Neiman Marcus, but the link says it is not available.

  12. Darn! The link isn't working :sad: Lemme find it again
  13. click

    OK, seems to be working if I make it a tiny url
  14. Wow! Tons of respect! I've been searching all weekend (:wtf:) and didn't even come close to finding those! I really like the bowling ball shape of the bag rather than the other but haven't found it anywhere. I've emailed NM so fingers crossed they'll be able to tell me if they're getting any more.

    Thanks very very very very much! You're an internet genuis. :tup: