Please help...what is this Chanel bag?

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  1. I was reading the newspaper on the tube this afternoon and saw a doozy of a bag. Does anyone know which Chanel it is? Sorry about the photo, it's taken from the newspaper! :P
  2. it was posted earlier
  3. Sorry if I knew the name of the bag I could have done a search.
    Could anyone link the earlier thread?
  4. Wish I could help. I've seen this bag in another thread too, but I don't remember the name.:sad:
  5. Hi, I posted this pic a week ago, it's from the NM look book, I think it's the same bag: $2495

  6. it's the same bag but it's not out yet as far as I know. . . I also haven't noticed anyone posting it's name. Chanel doesn't name their bags really though.
  7. Thank you.
  8. I saw that bag at the Chanel on Madison Avenue. It is really pretty. It looked smaller in real life so I am not sure if they have two sizes, although the price was the same as the one in the ad. Maybe it looks bigger because of the way the model is holding it. It is lambskin and has the two shorter one on top of the bag and then the longer one so it can be worn on the shoulder. I really liked it, but the lambskin is just not practical for me right now. Maybe once Db is in college LOL.