Please HELP!! What is the minimum I should accept for my Ergo Hobo???

  1. Okay...I NEED your help, please!!!!:smile: I am selling my NEW (without tags) Ergo Sig Hobo and I NEED your help to determine what the MINIMUM I should take for it would be. I have it on eBay for a BIN or Best Offer....This bag is NEW...I took the tags off, carried it 3 times at is in PERFECT condition! These bags are going on eBay for $250 on average (with tags on). So....what's the minimum offer y'all think is fair??? Should I hold out for the $250 or accept less.....HOW much less to TOO little??? Should I accept anything OVER $200, $225....??? I just want to sell it and recoup some (hopefully MOST) of the money I spent on it. Here's the deal though...I bought the Legacy Shoulder Zip (blk/kh/eb) for only $150 so my rationalization is this: since I got such a great deal on THAT bag...maybe I could accept a little less (than the $250) for my Ergo and just call it would still mean I got a steal on the Legacy.
    Opinions....PLEASE!!!! Thank you!:yes:
  2. I have a feeling there is going to be a flood on eBay of these hobos - sell quick and try and break even between the great price you got on the zip and selling this one.
  3. I dont know how much u paid for it , if you bought it full price it was 268 +tax,,,and in brand new condition just with tags cut off,,, i think iw ouldnt go less then $225 (and make $225 like have that be seperate from shipping and paypal ebay fees)

    But i do agree it seems a lot of people who bought this bag arent happy with it and so try before there are a ton out there to get something :sad:

    I wish i liked the sig. one i would get it from you but i feel like the people whoo think it falls funny have either the sig, or the scarf
    the leather ppl dont seem to feel as down on the hobo,,,
  4. I'd say $225 is a good price. That may only come out to $210ish after fees so maybe shoot for $235 instead.
  5. I am so torn. I really want to sell this bag...the auction ends on Sunday. I've had two LOW offers, but a counteroffer came back for $200. I just can't decide if I should suck-it-up and take the $200 or if I should hold out and risk possibly not getting any other offers?!?! If I pass it up and the auction ends without any buyers I'll have to pay the ebay fees, I'll have to relist it if I want to try again...MORE fees (unless it sells the second time and then I'll get credited back some of the second round fees.). BUT...I'd hate to take the $200 if someone out there is just waiting till the last minute to make a really GOOD offer! What to do?!?!!?!?! :shrugs::shrugs::shrugs:
  6. If you are desperate, you could contact the person who made the offer and tell them to make one for a buck or a penny more or so a day before the auction closes. Then you can accept their offer before your auction ends if it doesn't look like it is going to sell.