Please help..what happens if.....

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  1. What happens when a 0 feedback bidder ids the high bidder on all of your really expensive items??? I know she/he is just bidding for the heck of it and not a real bidder. I already blocked them from my approved buyer list BUT they are still showing as the high bidder on all my auctions and the auctions are due to end tomorrow. What if no one outbids the "fake" bidder? Does the whole auction just end and no one wins or what?? Thank you so much, Ebay is really frustrating me right now!
  2. You can remove her bids if you're paranoid of her not paying.

    Advanced Search > Items By bidder > Even if not high bidder...
    Search for what other items she bid on that might give you a clue. Blocking them after they have bid will not work. You have to remove their bid!
  3. Yes, you can cancel their bids and then they won't be able to bid again now that you have blocked them.
  4. I would send them an e-mail asking if they are a REAL bidder. If no response within 24 hours, I would cancel.
  5. I don't see how that is trustworthy as they could just lie and say yes.
  6. Cancel the bid.
  7. ^^ditto.
  8. yep, you can always cancel their bids!
  9. Yeah I'd cancel too. It's weird that they'd bid on ALL of the expensive items like that.
  10. That's the thing, I DID cancel their bids and they are still showing as the high bidder. I also blocked them from my I guess I just have to hope someone outbids them.
  11. How can they still be the high bidder if you cancelled them???? that is scary, contact ebay.
  12. It's better if you just let them bid, and if they don't pay you could always offer a second chance offer to the next highest bidder.
  13. contact ebay customer service, there must be a glitch in the system. As you know once you cancel and block they should be automatically removed and unable to bid again.
  14. cancel their bids, add them to your block list
  15. Or you could change your listing to a fixed price with Best Offer, and immediate payment required for BIN. Then you can choose to accept good rating buyers' offer.