Please help! What does "unclaimed" mean?

  1. . . . So I just made a purchase this morning. Waited several hours for the seller to send me an invoice, which I promptly paid. Now when I check my paypal account, the status of this payment says "unclaimed" What does that mean ? . . . and why have I not seen that before?
  2. It means the seller hasnt upgraded their account to receive payments - the same thing happened to me. It changed to completed within a day. If the seller doesnt upgrade their account the money comes back to you after 30 days.
  3. Thanks! . . . so should I message the seller to advise that I have paid and suggest they upgrade? . . or will they know to do this? (I noticed that this is a new seller that has had transactions (19) only as a buyer before)
  4. You could wait a day or so, or if you want your item urgently, send them a message advising you have paid.
  5. Hi. I just send the seller an email telling them I have paid and to log into PP. Sometimes they also forget to add a new e-mail address to their seller account so that could be the problem too. If they have a problem claiming it, tell them to contact PP using the info on the bottom of the home page.