Please help - what can i try to get these marks off of my Delightful?

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  1. Hi everyone -

    I have these marks right in the middle of my delightful GM strap. I don't know what it is. The vachetta has not been pre-treated and I haven't tried any removal methods yet. The marks have been there for a while. I am looking for suggestions of what I could try that would not run a significant risk of making it look worse overall.

    Thanks for your suggestions and feedback!
    image-1991371912.jpg image-1979826600.jpg
  2. Could that be pollen from lilies ?
  3. I always have a lot of pen marks on my vachetta, since I'm still in school. If I have a pen mark, I just rub it off with a damp handkerchief (not a paper one). Still the best method imo, can't do any harm to your bag! Good luck! :flowers:
  4. Hmmm - I don't think so. It looks more like something that has dried on. I don't keep a lot of flowers around these days...
  5. You should try with an eraser on a small area.
  6. Lovin my bags vachetta cleanser will probably work. Or try a white pencil eraser.
  7. Try lightly buffing with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser.
  8. +1
  9. BABY WIPE!!

    I keep pouches of them everywhere and wipe my bags off when they get spots and smudges.
  10. So, I tried the eraser but it did nothing - I don't think that the marks are so much smudges (which the eraser is great for) as much as some kind of dried liquid. I took MrVuitton's suggestion and just tried a lightly damp clean cloth, and the marks came off! I tried to feather out the water mark as much as possible and dry it off as much as possible - now I just need to hope that it dries completely without leaving any residual stain or watermark!

    I also ordered the lovinmybags LV kit - sounds like a good thing to have on hand, and I definitely want to treat this Delightful handle with something as I know that inevitably it will be prone to more soiling in the future.

    Thanks everyone for your feedback!
  11. I'm happy that all worked good for you.
  12. Looks like my Delightful after walking under a tree that was "raining" sap down. I used a white eraser and lightly rubbed the small spots and I mean I only put the eraser on the stain and tried to keep it off the unstained leather and was delicate. Came right off you would have never known.
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