Please help~What can I do with the tarnished zipper pull?

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  1. This is a pre-owned bag i bought. As you see in the picture the hardware is tarnished already. Can anyone tell me anything that I can do about it? Thanks a lot lot~~~~!!

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  2. you can def purchase a new lock and set of keys from a boutique...
  3. The lock and keys I don't really mind. Just the zipper pull. Can they be polished? Or nothing can be done about it but to replace them? Thanks~
  4. It looks like the zipper pull is plated with a thin layer that now have chipped off. It can't be polished because it'll be more tarnished. Other mono bags like the speedy have solid brass hardware and can easily be polished, that's why I'm confused about your zipper pull. You could take it to a LV store and ask for zipper pull replacement quote.
  5. You can Brasso the lock and keys.

    LV can replace the pulls.
  6. i have a mono alma and have polished the zipper with brasso, it works for a short time then fades again
  7. Thanks for your advice. I got it from an ebay reputable powerseller. Looks like that most of her aged LV collections have more of less the same problem which make me confused too...
  8. I have read that there were a period when LV used more plated hardware so it's probably ok. :smile:
  9. I agree...