Please help! What can I do about this NPB?

  1. Sorry in advance for this L O N G thread!

    On 12/4 I sold a Chanel purse to a buyer. I sent the invoice out and got a response from the buyer on 12/5:
    I want to apologize to you but I am trying to get my password back
    on Paypal. I will do my best to pay your invoice in the amount you indicate
    it as soon as tomorrow I hope. Sorry again and have a good night.Let me
    know also if that is Ok with you.

    On 12/12, I sent another invoice because I still did not receive payment and she responded:
    I think that I am going to have to pay via cashier's check. I still
    waiting for Paypal to recover my password. I guess with the holidays
    everything delays. The cashier's check sould I make it payable to who?
    Thanks one more time and I know you have been waiting for payment. Please
    let me know. I am buying this item for my daughter and I know it will not
    be here by the holidays but that is Ok with me. Thanks again and please let
    me know.

    Even though my auction said PAYPAL ONLY, I thought I would be nice and agreed to let her pay by cashier's check.
    On 12/19, I still did not receive payment so I opened up a dispute with eBay.

    On 12/21 she responded with this:
    I may be able to pay now but I will like to be able to leave a feedback in the case of problems with
    items as far as damaged or other possible reasons, because my account is closed now I will not be
    able to leave feedback.It has been a difficult time with Paypal. I am trying to give it a solution.
    My mom have an eBay account but item was bought with mine that now is in the process of being closed.

    my response:
    I understand that buyer has problems with Paypal. However, buyer did promise to send a Cashier's check/money order on 12/12
    and I still have not received it yet. The auction ended on 12/4 and it is now 12/22. That's 2 1/2 weeks later and still no payment.

    and she responded:
    Dear Seller,It looks like my mom will buy the purse for me.
    After purchase and order no to make any more mistakes, my mom wants me to cancel membership.
    However, I can only pay you $300 plus shipping for it. Sorry for the mistake again and have a merry x-christmas.

    I responded:
    You're winning bid amount is $400 + $25 shipping/insurance.
    This is a legal contract that you are bound towhen you place a bid on an auction.
    The total due is $425.00

    Her response:
    I do apologize for not being able to pay. My mom is willing to pay using her Paypal account.
    However, I can only afford to pay $300 for it.
    After that, my mom wants me to close account(for good)in ordernot to use it again.
    Have a merry chritsmas one more time and sorry for all the troubles.

    On 12/26 my response was:
    When you place a bid on eBay, it is considered a contract that is binding.
    Your total due is $425.00and it is non-negotiable.

    THEN she posted this making it appear like it was coming from ebay:

    eBayDec-28-07 at 20:39:11 PST
    Buyer has indicated that they will pay for this item.
    The item details are as follows: Item: Authentic Chanel
    Transaction date: Dec-04-2007

    I called ebay to ask them what was going on and they said that SHE posted that message, not ebay.

    On 12/28, she emails me:
    As I buyer I indicated that I can only pay $300 for item plus shipping and insurance.
    I know I made a bid that went beyond the price I estimated but the reality is that the item has some wrinkling on the handles.
    I have been looking for days at the pics and trying to enlarge them more but I worry.
    The rest of the purse looks impecable but the handles are bothering me a little bit,
    I know the purseis used but there is no other views to see the entire handles and if the wrinkling is in both.

    And my response to her today was:
    It is YOUR responsibility to ask all questions and decide whether you like the purse BEFORE you place the bid.
    It is YOUR responsiblity to bid on the item BASED on the pix you see.
    If you don't like what you see, you shouldn't have bid!!!
    You are now having buyer's remorse and you are breaking ebay's contract.
    Your total due is $425.00 and it is NON-NEGOTIABLE.
    You cannot set your own price!That is not how ebay works!! the 13 years that I have been ebaying, I have never had this happened to me. It is so unnerving and frustrating when a buyer has remorse and they find every excuse to get out of a transaction.I just don't know what to do or think at this point. Can someone give me some advice as to what I should do at this point? I called ebay this morning and they suggested that I close the dispute at this point and give her a negative feedback.Ebay would in turn give her a strike and that's fine with me. But what kills me the most is that I am going to leave her a negative feedback (that's for sure) and she in turn leaves me a RETALIATORY feedback. Apparently this newbie does not care about her reputation since she stated that she was going to close her account anyway but I have always pride myself on my perfect feedback.... and for this newbie (feedback of 5) to come along and mess it up for me just makes me so angry....I just want to cry. :crybaby: So any suggestions or help from you fellow tPF-ers would help tremendously. Thank you in advance.
  2. This person has been stringing you along since day 1. It's ridiculous. I swear, this year THE CRAZIES came out of the closet on eBay! I've been on for 9 years and had more trouble in the month of December than I have EVER had from buyers in all of my years on eBay. My experiences have been very similar to the nonsense you've just described here. The only difference is I would never waste my time going back and forth via email with an idiot like this. I am THE QUEEN of requesting someone's contact information and calling them on the phone - regardless of where in the country they live. I have a GREAT long distance plan and I LOVE the sound of utter shock in their voices when I call. LOL!

    Anyway, did this person respond to the dispute thru eBay? Perhaps I missed this in your post. If not, I would do as eBay says and leave them a negative. They can't leave you one. If in fact they did reply to the dispute thru eBay, they can leave you a negative. Personally, I would leave them a negative either way. Don't be a hostage to your feedback rating. You are probably thinking why would you risk a negative if they are going to close their account anyway. But they could be lying. They've lied about everything else it seems.

    Good luck!
  3. printmodel, thanks for your response. This whole emailing has been going thru ebay. I was shocked when I saw that ebay "posted":

    Dec-28-07 at 20:39:11 PST
    Buyer has indicated that they will pay for this item.
    The item details are as follows: Item: Authentic Chanel
    Transaction date: Dec-04-2007

    This is the reason why I called ebay up to find out why they would post "Buyer has indicated that they will pay for this item". The ebay rep told me that it was not posted by ebay but that the buyer posted it to make it seem like ebay did it.

    Also what ticks me off is that she lied from the beginning making it seem like her mom bought the purse for her (for Xmas) and then it turns out that it was her the whole time and that she was just stalling. :hysteric:

    But you are right....I feel like I am a hostage to my own feedback. That's so wrong and even the ebay rep told me that once the buyer leaves the retaliatory feedback, they cannot remove it. :crybaby:
  4. I had one of those emails from a NPB who was a newbie. I raised a dispute, she didnt reply until two days later saying she was having trouble with Paypal - gave her another week to pay and then received the same email to say that she was going to pay. She never did so l just closed the dispute and got my FVF back from eBay. I do agree that it is a right PITA - she now has an unpaid strike against her, as well.
  5. Wow!!:wtf:

    I sure am sorry that this happening to you!:sad:
    I would definitely give her a NEG feedback though, If you don't then we as a group are letting the feedback system hold us all hostage.
    Also Ebay needs to fix the feedback system for problems like this.
    This is ridiculous but I also had a friend have a very similar situation happen over a 1978 Gibson Les Paul guitar he was selling, the son bid and won using his dad's ebay account while they were on vacation.
    Needless to say, the dad ended up buying a $4500.00 guitar!:cursing:

    Now that girl needs to be banned from EBAY until she grows up!
    How old is she,10 or 12?
    Is there a limit on the age of a person who can bid on EBAY?
    I would have thought it would have been 18.

    Have you called the buyer using the contact info?
    I would talk to the mother and explain it to her, I sure the daughter is not telling her the whole truth or story.:lecture:

    Go get'em!!:noggin::bagslap::boxing:

    And good luck!:smile:
  6. I received another email from this buyer today and here is what she said:

    I know how ebay works and I know it is my responsibilitybut I am just letting you know the situation. I am just mentioning that I have read in one of the questions of the bidders that the purse had wrinkles on the handles.I am sure it is a nice item but the handles makes it looka little more worn out and that is something I shouldhave consider before and I failed to read. That it is all I wanted to say.If I pay for your purse how long will it take to ship.Sorry if I offended you.[​IMG]

    I think at this point, I've just had enough. I'm going to close this dispute and just neg her a$$. I'm tired of all this BS she is pulling. :cursing:
  7. That is one lame excuse :wacko:and one long string along!
    All I got to say is:
    You Go-Girl!!!:okay:
    Let Her have it!!:tup:

    I would also have had enough!:smile::smile:
  8. You've been more than patient enough. If she somehow negs you back, you should respond to her negative. Most good sellers end up with a few crazies in their feedback, and it's usually pretty easy as a buyer to tell when there was a legitimate problem with the seller, or whether it's a problem buyer who just left retaliatory feedback. You should be fine if all of your other feedback is positive.
  9. this is crazy -- who has time to work on one transaction for 3 weeks...NEG HER!
  10. As a buyer on ebay, I can tell by looking at a seller's feedback, if it's a legit neg, or a "crazy" who is taking revenge.
    Please don't let the threat of a neg feedback stop you from ending this mess once & for all.
    As was mentioned, you certainly can go back & respond to her neg. & she'll be NARU soon anyway.
    This silliness has already taken too much of your energy anyway & you probably have another buyer out there who would be thrilled to buy your Chanel bag!
    Good luck!
  11. what a psycho! im so sorry
  12. thank you everyone for your support. You are all right. I am negging her and hopefully she will be naru'd soon. I'm just tired of being held hostage by a negative feedback and you are all right, a true ebayer will see that it's not a legit neg and more of a retaliatory neg.

    Kitty NYC was right....who has time to work on one transaction for 3 weeks? Especially during the busy holiday season?

    Happy New Year to all of you! Party hard but party safe tonight!
  13. Handbag-ho: I'm so sorry for you..

    I agree with you and the others; definitely leave a negative feedback. It undermines the system if we don't in fear of retaliation.

    Also, as already said, a couple bad ones in an otherwise impeccable record is easy for potential buyers to decipher as retaliatory (sometimes even adds to the credibility of the seller IMO).

    Good luck with it, and don't let the dispute ruin your holidays - it is so not worth it! :smile:

    Oh, and let us know how it went!
  14. I would relist the bag and not bother with feedback....block her and she shouldn't be able to leave you feedback...(am I right about that....not sure)
    Chalk it up to a bad experience....I have had a few and just move on.....

    Happy new Year!!!!!
  15. Definitely NEG her!! AND I love the idea of calling her mother, too. Maybe you can convice the mother to not let her daugher NEG you. Also forward the mother (if you can) all the correspondence thus far (like the daughter impersonating her in her emails!)