Please help! What Cambon wallet should I buy?

  1. I just cannot seem to make up my mind I wanted one to go with my cambon bowling bag and medium tote. I tought I wanted the long open flap one, but now I am thinking it is just too big for my bags and now I am wondering should I get the medium or the bi-fold wallet ( I already have 2 bi fold wallets). Please, please, please if you own one can you give me the pros and cons would or just let me know what you would do. ANY opinions would be much appreciated as I am going to Chanel tomorrow x
  2. get the medium bifold! it looks better!
  3. I have the bi fold Cambon wallet in black with white lettering and I adore it. But since you already have 2 bi fold wallets, I'd either go for medium or large. You could put tons of cards in the big one, and it can also double as a clutch. Since you already have two smaller wallets, I'd say go large!
  4. i bought my DD this Cambon Bowler

  5. and this Cambon Wallet