Please Help: Want To Sell Chanel

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Dec 7, 2008
Hey folks, I hope I've posted in the right place. Really need some help.

I have a Chanel purse, just over a year old and in reasonable condition. Some wear and tear on the piping but good apart from that.

I would like to sell it. It was a present from my boyfriend; we've now split up and it's too painful to hold onto. My problem is that I simply cannot find the original box and the authenticity card. What's my likelihood of being able to sell it on Ebay and are there any other options open to me?

If I was to sell it, what would be a reasonable price for it? I think my ex paid about £300.

Thanks so much. I'm feeling rather fed up just now so any advice would be most appreciated :sad:


Feb 8, 2007
The Palace
Hi, please visit our eBay Forum and do a search in there, there's lots of info in there on eBay, Bonanzle etc. Checking completed listings on eBay and/or Bonanzle may give you an idea of what Chanel bags can sell for :yes:
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