Please help! Want to return FLAWED Chanel shoes.

  1. I did a "Buy it Now" auction for a cute pair of Chanel espadrilles. I am not questioning the authenticy of the item but there were several flaws NOT photographed or explained ANYWHERE in the auction.

    This is the link....

    This is the communication we've had so far but I am not really understanding this process. Someone PLEASE advise me how this works or what I should do:

    "Hello, I have received the Chanel espadrille shoes and I greatly appreciate your SUPER fast shipment and all of your excellent communication! Although, I was wondering if you would consider a return? When I received the shoes I was quite surprised to see that the flower on the front of the shoe appears to be glued on. There is also a lot of red markings on the sole and white paint over some of the markings. Also, the inner back strap of the shoe appears to be really wrinkled like it had be worn or stored improperly. I am positive if I would have seen this in the photos or explanation I would NOT have bid on them. Obviously you are a super reliable eBay'er, which is evident in the amount of excellent feedback you've received. I've never had to return an item I've purchased on eBay so I don't know how this works. I really hope you understand my plight and can help me in this situation."

    "hi the shoes are the exact shoes that i have the picture on eBay the shoes are marks on the bottom so they cannot be returned to Neimans for full price since u did not pay retail for them and they are marked on the bottom so they cannot be returned to neimans for full price that is the way they do it. they are 100% new 100% authentic chanel shoes and the marks on the bottom are not visable when worn as for the camellia that is the way they made them and for the ribbon perhaps that is the way they were stored in the box i am sure if you take a steam iron on a light temp the wrinkle will come ok they are 100% new 100% authentic and i am not sure really what the problem is i am sorry they glued the camellia on that is the way chanel made them and as for the ribbon i am sure with a light steam iron the wrinkle on the ribbon will come out as for the marks on the bottom well no one sees the bottom of the shoes and once they are worn u wont see the white marks.when they are bought at a discount they have to protect themselves so people dont try to return them to the store for full price that is why the marks on the bottom. let me here from you and thanks for the nice compliment on my shipping and perfect feedback thanks"

    It's not the ribbon that's wrinkled it's the inside leather of the back heel strap that is. Once again, if I would have seen that the flower was only hot glue gunned on, all the markings on the bottom, and the wrinkled heel strap I would not have bid. These shoes may be authentic and "never worn" BUT the flaws were not shown in any of the auctions photos, nor the description. Is a refund possible or not?

    "hi u can send them back at your expense and will send u your money back via paypal minus the shipping that it cost me to send them and u will need to respond to the non buying response from EBAY when u send them back and respond to the non buying report will refund the money minus what it cost to send them to you let me know thanks"

    "Why would I receive a "non buying report" when I DID pay, and I have my PayPal receipt to prove that I paid in full. I am sorry, I do not understand how this works. I am trying to make this easy on both of us and I've never had to return something before. I don't want you, nor I, to receive and negative reports or feedbacks on eBay.

    Please explain.

    Thank you."

    "hi u wont receive a no payment report just that we decided not to go through with it and received a partial refund that is all it is so i dont get charged the fees that is all it is"

    WHAT SHOULD I DO?? How does this work? I am scared to send the item back & not ever see my money!!

  2. Don't worry about Marcia (the seller), I have bought many items from her over the years and she is, in my opinion, one of the best long-term sellers on eBay. If you're not happy, then return them. She won't screw you over, she's definitely legit.

  3. I know, she has been so professional and kind throughout the whole transaction and I've been sure to tell her that I appreciate that. I guess I am just nervous b/c I've never returned something on eBay and sending out the item with no guarantee of seeing the money again makes me REAL nervous.
  4. she just wants you to agree that you both agreed not to complete the transaction so she can get a final value credit. everything def sounds legit to me
  5. I think she's not intend to give you "unpaid item strike" but to go to mutual agreement not to complete transaction by you won't pay or return the item, she'll need to file "unpaid item report' first then choose "agreement not to complete transaction". You won't get "unpaid item strike" by this mutual agreement.

    With this way, she'll get back her eBay fees since you return those shoes and she need to re-list
  6. Hello,
    Yes this is quite normal and nothing to worry about. Mail the shoes back with delivery confirmation and you should be fine.
    The reason why most sellers don't like to take returns is because of all the expense involved. Once you complete the ebay non-buying response the seller will have her final value fees reimbursed, you won't receive a strike or anything like that.