Please help w/ my delima: I bought a Monogram Speedy 30 ...

  1. back in February and I have not used it. In fact it is still in the box it came in. I have been wanting a Batignolles Vertical for a while. I talked myself out of it and got the Speedy 30 instead. I always liked the speedy and I feel its a great classic bag.

    Now I am considering selling my brand new Speedy (probably will lose money on the deal) to fund the BV. Should I do this? or Should I keep the Speedy and get the BV later?

    But I am not sure I want 2 monogram bags:confused1: .

    I currently have a Damier Saleya PM. Love.
    I had a Speedy 25 and sold it on eBay because I thought it was too small.
  2. You sound like you are unhappy with your speedy.:sad: If you are going to feel gloomy about it, I think selling it to fund a BV makes sense. Hopefully you won't lose too much money on it!
  3. two monogram bags isn't bad!

    at the same time, if you're longing for the BV now, maybe fund/get it, as you can always get a speedy 30 later. it'll be there.

    you definitely sound unhappy about the speedy...why did you talk yourself out of the BV though? did you just not think it was as functional? my mom has a BH and loooooves it to pieces. much more than she uses her epi speedy.
  4. I think you should keep the 30 and work towards the BV. Something attracted you to the 30 since you ended up with it instead of the BV. And having two monos isn't too much, plus one is a handheld and the other, a shoulder bag.
  5. you should sell the speedy for the bv xx
  6. Hmm this is a tough one. I purchased a mono speedy 30 about a month ago, and I am planning to purchase a BH in about 2 weeks when finals are over. I don't think that there is anything wrong with having 2 mono bags. Like oo_let_me_see said, the speedy is a handheld and the BV is a shoulder bag - they serve different purposes.

    Did you love your speedy when you had it in the 25? Why did you decide to get the 30? If you still are not a big fan of it, then selling it may be the best thing to do so that you can fund the BV.
  7. I would keep it! You then may decide you want a mono speedy again and will most likely end up losing money that way, since prices are always increasing. I say save for the bv and get that as soon as you can and keep your mono speedy 30 too. I have only 2 monogram bags and those are the two I have and love! The way I look at it, is the mono speedy is a classic, it is timeless and will never ever go out of style. It's a great bag to hold onto. The bv on the other hand, it's also wonderful, but more modern and trendy looking, it will eventually at some point be discontinued, that's not going to happen for a long time I'm sure, but I bet it will. The Luca which is the largest of the mezzo/piano clan got discontinued as did one of the ellipses I believe, and those were major 'it' bags, so it happens w/ those styles.
  8. for me, this would depend on if you are more of a handbag kind of girl, or if you are a shoulder-bag kind of girl. if you are more comfortable with either, you should forego the one you are least comfortable with. but if it were me, since i LOVE handbags (especially speedies), i'd keep the speedy, and just save up for a shoulder-bag, if i wanted that also... but that's just me.
    BTW there's nothing wrong with multiple mono bags. all of mine are mono, or have mono on them!
  9. I'd keep the Speedy and work towards the BV.
  10. it depends what time of year you decide to resell an LV on eBay, this time of year, not so good, from May till Sep. sales are in a slump. If you sell it in Nov. you will get retail for sure, even if you use it very gently. I resold my mono speedy that was in good condition, not very good, not excellent and I got $200 less than retail, which I think is fabulous for a used and abused bag! Monitor the completed sales, it just doesn't make sense to take a loss on it. If you really don't want it and know you won't use it I would still hold onto to it, to resell it closer to the holiday season.
  11. well .. we definitely have the same tastes in bags! .. i have the speedy 30, and my next purchase will, most likely, be the batignolles (horizontal, tho)
    anyway .. i personally love my speedy 30. it's such a great bag! best thing to do is, think about how you'll feel if u do sell it .. will you miss it? .. if so, then i think keep the speedy, i guarantee you'll get great use out of it .. it's just such a practical, classic bag. ..

    good luck, girlie!
  12. I would keep the speedy and save up for the BV. That way you will have one handheld and one shoulder bag. I understand not wanting to have too much mono because I am the same way.
  13. You sound unhappy with the sppedy. I see nothing wrong with selling it to fund the purchase of a bag you will LOVE.
  14. I normally would say keep the speedy, but you're not using it. Maybe you should try using it for a week. See how you like it. If at the end of the week you want to put it back in the box, then sell it to fund BV. You just might decide you can't live without it, like the rest of us speedy lovers.:love:
  15. i like both the BV and the speedy..why dont you keep the speedy and save towards the BV?