Please Help w/ Condition of LT bag received? WWYD?

  1. I bought an adorable Mono Petit Bucket from Let-Trade last week, and it came today. While the outside is in as photographed condition, I feel like the interior photos were cropped to not show the flaking of the lining. I paid $299 shipped for the bag (no mini pochette) which I felt was a good price for the bag pictured, but now I am concerned about the Vuittonite lining (that name cracks me up. :lol:) Anyway, here are some photos:


    It is kind of gummy and flaky IRL. There is some more along the sides, but I could not get a good photo.

    Here are the photos from Let-Trade, it is recently completed item number S57.


    It is such a cute bag, I really do like it, but is this lining going to get worse? I did not even imagine that the bag would have a problem like this because so many people have spoken so well of LT, should I have known better with this type of lining? I just feel a little deceived, am I overreacting?

    Please advise, I am concerned if I got it relined, the cost of that along with the no pochette make it more than if I just bought a new one. On the other hand, I hate to deal with shipping it back and being out those costs. :sad:
    DSC_2298.JPG DSC_2306.JPG
  2. If they didnt disclose that need to tell them and demand a refund
  3. I would return it. The lining will only get worst. To solve that problem, you need to chage the lining which will cost you more.
  4. Not as described fully then they should refund you or issue you partial refund and you keep the bag.

  5. I totally agree. That is definitely something that should have been disclosed before you purchased the bag.
  6. I agree, the lining will only get worse with use and time. Email LT right away and let her know this was not disclosed.
  7. Okay, thanks guys. I emailed LT and let them know the problem (with pics) and asked that I be able to return the bag for a full refund including shipping both ways or that they provide me with a substantial partial refund. Anyone have any idea what would be appropriate? It is cute, and I am sure I could find a use for the bag as a beach/play bag, but I would not pay $299 for it, KWIM?
  8. I couldn't even see the marks/flaking on LET-TRADE's pictures. If I were you, I'd asked for my money back because it was misleading!
  9. Hmm, they should have mentioned it in the description, else it's really kinda deceiving! Quite shocked this happened, thought they were usually very professional. I bot a cerises speedy from them wif no problems. Hope they settle this amicably with you!
  10. I am not sure, but the lining looks like the type I had in a very old LV makeup bag. It was a large makeup bag and I used it as a clutch about a month ago and the lining flaked off over everything. It stuck to my Chanel pink cambon wallet-took forever to try to clean it off with leather cleaner. It ruined my little coach fabric change purse. It was horrible. I would fight as much as you can to get your money back. The lining will get worse and I am sure the seller knew it.
    Good luck.
  11. I think I would send this one back. Good luck.
  12. i would return it. there will be other good deals on ebay, ones with full disclosure. that would really bother me. good luck!
  13. Oh no, keep us updated !
  14. Hmm this surprises me too, as I haven't had any problems with LT whatsoever... I'm sure they will be very professional about it. Good luck!
  15. Well guys this is what they sent back:

    "Thanks for email. I believe our photo do shown those flaws about the
    peelings (photo # 16, 17, 19). However, I also believe only a experience
    user like us will know those kind of problem by photo.

    I have talk to the other assistant and to make sure he is not going to do
    the same mistake on other bucket....

    Anyway, back to our case. How much you want as a partial refund? I will
    need to ask boss about that. Thanks

    ??? I don't know, go look at the page on Let-TRade, some of you guys are experts too, I really don't think it shows in their listing at all. I would not mind keeping it for cheap, but it would have to be cheap. What would your reply?