Please Help w/Black City!!!

  1. Hi Ladies,

    I hope this is the right place for this??? I am in a major dilema and confused and need your expertise and help.

    I want a black city w/rh in a major way! I have been looking and looking and dreaming, it will be my 1st bbag.

    I read how nice the 05 leather was, I read about fading on 07, I read about the new 08's coming out, and 2 different releases each year....Help.

    I want a beautiful,black, gorgeous leather, city bbag, but from when??? eBay??? new?? 08 leather???
  2. It is very hard to get a 05 Black City in mint condition, and you know some 07 black are fading. So I believe your best bet is to wait for 08 Black. I think Balenciaga only releases black once a year even they have pre-collection and collection. Someone please correct me if I am wrong.
  3. If you want to wait for the s/s 08, I just read that Aloha Rag is getting them in RH end of December! I'm hoping the leather will be great! :girlsigh:
  4. they release one black each season (spring/summer and fall/winter). :smile:
  5. Thank you! Learn new things everyday. :yes:
  6. AR has sold out on their black firsts and cities a few months back. this shows blacks are just as coveted as the brights :tup:

    where are you, lola 62? as in, are you accessible to the major dept or Bal stores? for me, i can only buy online to enjoy original retail price as bbags cost much much more at the local store. i don't go for eBay as i'm a lil wary altho i know i can trust tPFers to authenticate for me. anyway, i don't have any tokens on eBay so sellers may not want to trust me ;)

    even if you want a 08 black city, it's a while more before you hear about members' purchases here. i do hope there won't be fading issues next season. the jury's still out on bal's QC in the recent years, from what i've gathered so far. so, it's patience for now, and good luck finding your dream black city!

  7. Thanks for your response. This is my holiday gift, I dont want to wait!!! :girlsigh: But if 08's were amazing leather I would, but I guess it will take a while to find that out.

    I would definately would rather buy online to save money. I guess want it all, is that too much for a girl to ask:nuts: anymore thoughts on how to do this????
  8. ok, i've only purchased from two e-tailers so far: and (AR). i suggest you take a read in this forum if you want to find out more about everyone's experiences. it's mostly good, anyways ;)

    AR already sold out on their black firsts and cities so you've to wait for 08 bags come dec. what's great is you can sign up for their free membership and get 3% off and free shipping for buys above USD500. you can sign up to be notified when the stock comes in. i started a thread on it in this forum. simply follow their instructions.

    the black cities currently on diabro are selling higher than retail. the leathers should be s/s07 but pls ask them. shipping is not foc. but they actually entertain requests for real-life pictures if you ask.

    both ship fast. diabro will ask if you wish to declare lower value to avoid customs. AR simply declare 1/4 of the gross retail price. pls understand this isn't exactly legal or legit or whatever the word is. there're some online stores that won't do this for you. so, do know what're you going into.. if you know what i mean. this is not to scare you, but i think you owe it to yourself to exercise some wisdom instead of leaping blindly. many members have contributed loads of useful info here so you just have to read up and make your own informed choice. have fun researching!
  9. You should look into 06’ black if you are looking to buy online (ebay, anns, rdc) and save money. 06’ produced a lot of non-veiny and smooth black leather, and I have not read/heard about any of the nasty fading-to-green issues like with some of the 07. The only issue some will state is that 06’ produced thinner leather but I have owned 2 06 bags and didn’t notice any thinness to them. I actually just purchased a used but in great condition 06’ black city for $699. The leather is wonderful; nice, smooth, not dry and JET BLACK!

    Good luck!