Please Help!! Vintage Sunnies Broken!!!

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  1. Hi Ladies,
    I bought a pair of vintage dior 2056 sunnies about 4 months ago. I haven't been able to wear them because when I received them, one of the arms broke upon the most gentle of tension. :Push: As a result, I have been scouring to no avail, a place to have them repaired. There is not a Dior boutique in Chicago so I took them to a Dior counter at Niemans. They told me that they could not repair them. I then took them to FOR EYES (optician), and they too told me that they could not repair them. It appears as though the arm will have to replaced. They are OPTYL frames, and I have no idea what to do at this stage. I paid waaaay to much money to not have these repaired. I also do not want the integrity of the frames compromised so I am scared to just take them anywhere. Do any of you ladies have any ideas? :shrugs: I'm getting pretty desperate here. I would really really really appreciate any help! TIA :heart:
  2. Try contacting Safilo in your local area for help. They're the original manufacturer of Dior opticals and they also work with Optyl.
  3. I don't live in the US so I can't be too much help however, my regular glasses are Dior and the arm came off them (also from almost just looking at them) and for this tiny little screw, they had to get it from Italy. I was without for three weeks, but it has been fine for over a year now.
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    Thanks ladies. I'll try Safilo. Miu, were your eye glasses vintage? Where did you get them fixed? A regular optician? Thanks.

    Just called Safilo and they said they can't fix or replace the 2056 sunnies I have. Aaarrgg...I'm so mad! I paid so much money for these sunglasses and they literally broke in my hands, before I even got to wear them! I can't imagine that they can't be fixed!! I guess I will have to scour the bay again....that's money down the drain...
  5. Sorry to hear that. Perhaps the arm has broken in a place that renders the frame damaged beyond repair. You could try a number of optical shops, but beyond that there might be nothing more you can do.