Please help, Veneta or Campana?

  1. Wanting to buy my first BV bag but cannot decide...
    I must admit I am leaning more towards Campana but I do get a little paranoid with 'open' style bags :confused1:

    What do you think?
  2. I adore the veneta so I guess there is my answer :smile:. actually, I think these are two totally different styles so it really depends what kind of bag you like. someone described the campana as a girly-bag whereas to me the veneta is somewhat edgy.

    whichever you decide to get - share pics with us!

    forgot: what colour are you thinking about? I really think that also makes a difference.
  3. for me... veneta!
  4. Thanks for your opinions.

    I was thinking of the Ebano for Campana, and black for Veneta.

    PS. After seeing pictures here of the Magnolia in both styles, it is tempting. I will have to check it out (don't recall seeing it in the store..).
  5. i think both colours are great - personally would also love a veneta in ebano. I'd say it might be a good idea to go to a store and try them out, see what is more comfy for you
  6. Limo veneta
  7. Veneta!

    I love this style in any colors!! :love:
  8. I really love both and recently purchased a large ebano veneta a few months ago. I think my next purchase may be a campana in the fall. I may go with the veneta for your first BV, plus it zips shut. You can't go wrong with either style! I would definitely go with the ebano color though :heart:
  9. I have a Campana and I haven't had any problems with the magnetic closure and depth of the bag keeping my stuff inside- my vote is Campana.
  10. I have a large Campana in Black and it is just amazing!!

    Next on m, list is a Veneta though - both are goreous! Let us know what you decide ;)
  11. veneta all the way
  12. I love my campana and the "open" top actually has a magnetic closure so it stays closed very nicely. I'm not much into zippers so for my first large BV purchase I went with the campana, but the veneta is the "classic" BV bag and a great choice for your first Bottega.
  13. What a difficult choice! I faced a similar dilemma and ended up going with the Veneta. 2 things swayed my decision, price and comfort. While I think both bags are incredibly comfortable for shoulder wear, when I put the Veneta on I immediately felt like it had molded to my shoulder and would never come off. As for price, it isn't too crazy of a difference, but $400 is still $400.

    The Campana is on the list, and there is no doubt I will have one :heart:someday:heart: but until then, I love my Veneta!
  14. Thank you for all your suggestions, they were all very helpful!

    I suppose I am trying to compare two different styles. I think I will go for Veneta seeing as its my first purchase but will check them both out again. It's going to be hard to walk out with just one of them - I'll be dreaming of the day when I can own both :p

    Hoping to purchase within a week. Will post a pic after - although I'm sure it won't be anything new for most of you ~~
  15. My suggestion : go for Veneta as a first BV bag. Colour would depend on what works best for you (i.e. your preference, wardrobe colour scheme, usage etc). I can safely say BV makes the best colours around be it light or dark, seasonal or classic – i.e. you’d do no wrong whatever colour you end up choosing. IMO, the medium Veneta is the most versatile – from work to evening and casual situations. Having said that, pls do try out the bags beforehand.

    Have fun deciding and keep us posted of your decision. And welcome to the forum, we’re all great enablers here. So you’ll find yourself not being able to stop at one BV. Be warned. :biggrin: