Please help! Used Galet SGH PT or New Seigle RGGH Work?

I'm torn: Used Galet SGH PT or New Seigle RGGH Work?

  • Used Galet SGH PT

  • New Seigle RGGH Work

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Oct 17, 2008
Hi ladies,

I need to make a decision quick which to get: Used Galet SGH PT in mint condition or New Seigle RGGH Work? The price are almost the same for both bags since Galet is popular and rare. I love both colors but unfortunately, I can get only one. Please kindly suggest. I'm so torn right now. TIA.
I love both colors, I have the Galet Sgh City & love love it! I think this combo will be more & more hard to find. I think you should go for it. On another thought, Seigle is so gorgeous, I'm getting it in Velo RH. This color is hard to pass up, it'll probably be sold out quick since it's so popular & they just started to come out. I know, it's hard decision... :wacko: maybe consider the leather, if the Galet don't have the type of leather that you like & Seigle does, then go for Seigle.
I think I vote for seigle, as I really don't like the idea of paying over retail for used bag (no matter how good the condition is and how rare the color). + I really like the combi of seigle with RGGH and the work style. galet is amazing and looks pretty good with SGH, but I'm not a big fan of the pt (too much of east-west-style for me).

what style do you prefer? I think this is also very important besides the color? do you need a shoulderstrap?
I would never pay retail for a used bag, even in mint condition. I have a Galet SGH City and really believe the popularity of this color is due to the hype spewed on the forum. I bought into the raves and it's not that special IMO, and Seigle looks to be very similar. If the prices are almost the same, opt for the brand new Work at retail. Why pay the same amount for someone else's used, smaller bag? Buying used is always a gamble, and the definition of mint is not always consistent from seller to seller.
I would advise you pick the bag that works for you. Which color and hardware combo do you love over the other and which style do you prefer. Which one of these bags makes your heart beat just a little faster??
The price a buyer chooses to pay for a bag varies from one to another so don't base your decision on paying more or less than retail, which is used, which is "bigger," or which one is rare.
I voted for the galet, it's a fantastic neutral color...however it should not cost the same price as a new one..and if I'm not mistaken, Work is price slightly higher than PT. Have you seen both IRL?
Which color will you use more between these 2 colors which color it goes well with your wardrobe. I would say choose that color.
I know how you feel as I was in the same situation like that before.
But now I realise that I choose the bag base on my clothes/outfits that I have.
And that bag I actually use it more than I would have thought.

Good luck with your decision...both colors are gorgeous.
Thanks ladies for all useful comments. I agree that the used bag shouldn't cost the retail price and I prefer Work size for my next bbag since I've already have SGH officier PT. I probably go for Seigle at this time and wait for Galet in the better deal. Thanks again.