Please help. Urgently need a grey/silver/gunmetal silver HW bag tonight!

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  1. URGENT HELP PLEASE!!! I need to buy a chanel bag this afternoon to go with an outfit I want to wear tonight. My outfit is pewter/gunmetal with diamante flecks and my gold hardware bags look wrong with it. I dont want a black bag with silver hardware as I have too many black bags. Pleeeeassse help! :sweatdrop:
  2. how do you feel about white? white timeless clutch, or white classic mini shw? but if you're really into matchy-matchy, how about a dark silver (pewter) timeless clutch?

    btw, what's the occasion?
  3. he he. shame on me. I am a bit matchy-matchy.

    thanks for your suggestions pursenality. its my bff's birthday (yayy!) and we have a big night planned. we live in london, which means we're going by taxi, and i'd prefer a bag which can hold stuff.
  4. how much stuff? if a medium-sized, umm... a small reissue gray cam case? or a classic medium/large flap... although not sure if the new matte-mettalic gray is available there now.
  5. stuff = small camera, mobile phone, small wallet, some makeup, hair brush

    so there's a camera case in metallic gray? that would would work! many thanks. :happydance:

    dashing to selfridges after work... or may sneak out earlier :graucho:
  6. Good luck!
  7. actually, its a matte gray :shame:
  8. thanks pursenality and nscwong. they didn't have the cam case at selfridges and I didn't have time to go hunting so I bought a black flap with silver hardware afterall! oh well
  9. #9 Jul 11, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2009
    And here it is

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  10. its beautiful. you've made the right choice!! ;)
  11. You look beautiful and the purse goes very well with your dress.
  12. oh my, its perfect!!! you look so charming and fab!

    you can never go wrong w/ a black timeless classic! ;)
  13. Great choice, such a versatile bag, and you look lovely.
  14. Looks great!
  15. That's a fab choice! I love it, you look beautiful!