Please Help~ Urgent...

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  1. :cursing: I've brought a bag from a seller and she agreed to refund my money back if I'm not satisfied with the item. After I've received my bag, I'm not satisfied, so I emailed her and ask for a refund. Even she said that's fine and tell me to return the bag at the next day.
    After I've post the bag out, I went home and read my emails... she told me not to return it. She said she is not going to give me a refund back... :cursing: I am so angry. Then I said the bag has post it back already and she ignore my emails and I've received an email from her told me to resale the bag on eBay to get my money back. WTF.... I don't even have the bag with me right now, is on its way. I was like :cursing: :cursing: :cursing:
    Ok... I've filled a dispute at paypal.
    Do anyone know if I could get my money back from her even if she refuse to give me a refund? I don't have a confirmed address, because I don't locate in US... do you think if I can chargeback?
    Please help :crybaby:

    Thanks everyone~
  2. If your address is unconfirmed, the seller does not have any seller protection from paypal. Hence i am sure paypal will rule in your favor. Especially since she has allowed a refund and only changed her mind the last minute. Keep all your email correspondence with her. It might be useful for your paypal dispute. :yes: I am sorry to hear about this.. hope it turns out well for you.
  3. Thanks, happie_berrie!!!
    Do you know how can I ask paypal to do that? What if she just return the bag to me?

    :crybaby: :cursing: :sos: What can I do now?
  4. Paypal will ask you to provide a tracking number for the package. Once they've confirmed that your package has been delivered, they should charge back the seller.
  5. ^^ Thanks!!! I hope I can claim my money back!!!
  6. Good luck. I hope you get your money back.
  7. good luck!
  8. Thanks everyone! I've open a dispute, but the seller did not reply at all. I've emailed paypal and they said I can end the dispute and paypal can escalating a claim. However, the seller don't even reply me, how can they escalating?
    I'm so worried now....
  9. Okay, don't end the dispute. On your paypal dispute page, there should be a buttong saying 'escalate to a claim' (or something similar.) Do that - DON'T end the dispute whatever you do - as you cannot reopen.

    This will mean that Paypal will decide the dispute. If your seller doesn't respond in a certain number of days (8 or 10) Paypal will make a decision anyway. If there is no money in the seller's account to refund, you should still be refunded by Paypal (if there was buyer's protection on the eBay listing) and they will then chase the seller.
  10. Thank you, dcgal! I've asked paypal to escalate a claim for me. The bag should arrived in these 2 days. The only thing I worry about is that she will reject to receive the parcel and send it back to me.
  11. Ugh, good luck to you! It sounds like you have done everything the way you should have, so just hang in there!
  12. Save all your emails from the seller, ebay will want copies of it all...
  13. The seller says she will not accept the parcel because she is on a business trip now! I was so angry :cursing: because she knew she wouldn't be home before I post the parcel back to her!!!! :crybaby: What should I do now?
  14. save emails, get copies of the listing, save your proof of mailing. if paypal doesn't come through for you, go to your creditcard company (assuming you used a CC) and do a chargeback that way. good luck! sorry it happened to ya :smile:
  15. ^^ Thanks katielou07!!!

    Unfortunately, the payment was transferred from my bank account!!!!:crybaby: