Please Help Urgent!!!!

  1. i'm doing an assignment about Noe bag

    and i need lots of photos of it
    PLEASE if u have a Noe bag
    doesn't matter what the size, colour, material
    I need some photos taken from the top of the bag
    seeing whats inside
    please take some photos for me!!!

    Please open the bag is big as you can
    because i needed to see the space and things you have inside
    my assignment is about the space inside the Noe bag
    and differernt ppl have different items.

  2. Ack, I wish I had kept my pictures on photobucket. :sad: If I have internet at home, and if I remember, I'll try to get a pic...
  3. [​IMG]
  4. ^^ holy crap...sorry they're so large! hths!
  5. Here's mine (Petit Noe):


  6. thanks so much......
    doesn't matter its large
    i need clear photos

    please i needed more
    i don't have enough time to search all thread
    please do help
  7. please!
  8. thanks john

    thanks to those who helped me
    and thanks to those who read this thread