Please help, urgent! -- miu miu bag

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  1. I ordered the miu miu bow satchel from Saks. I received the package today. When I open it, the bag was simply packed in its dust bag, and I DID NOT find any miu miu care card some of you were talking about with it. Plus there isn't any protection wrap around the hardware. Is this normal? I love the bag, but I'm a little uneasy about this. It's my first time to order such an expensive bag. Shall I do anything about it?
    Thanks a lot!!!
  2. That does NOT sound normal to me but maybe the other ladies can chime in (I'm still a relative newbie in the Miu Miu forum). Whenever I ordered Chanel from Saks, it always came in a dustbag with all the appropriate papers. You should call your SA and mention this to her! I'm sorry but I hope your bow satchel is gorgeous! What color is it?
  3. Thanks! I really really love the bag. The shape and the color, Alluminio, all look gorgerous. I order it over the phone, as there's no Saks store in my location. Also, I found some little cracks on the edge some places. I'm just a little bothered by these small defects, plus NO Miu Miu care card. :sad:
  4. i have never ordered from saks, but do you think you received a returned bag??
  5. You need to contact Saks asap with your concerns. I have ordered several bags from Saks and find them to be very accommodating of my needs and/or concerns.