Please help, UPS lost my Chanel bag

  1. Yeh they had cameras also when they lost my bags but they refused to review them ... and the police were no help. Don't give up OP u might have better luck than I did!! So sorry about your Chanel bag :sad:
  2. You were sending a package back to Chanel and they didn't send Fed ex to pick it up? They were having you send it back for an exchange at your expense? Weird.

    All I can say is good luck and don't give up trying to find out what happened. Because I'm afraid if they can't find it your package you're out of luck without the insurance. :sad:
  3. OP, it most likely has nothing to do with race - I'm a white young lady and stuff like this has happened to me too... and not because the color of my skin. :smile:

    Don't give up hope and file the police report ASAP. I'm sure the people at UPS will be more helpful if they know it's being investigated.

    Good luck and keep us updated.
  4. Well, something was packed and something was sent and something made it onto the truck. Whether or not that something was a Chanel bag :shrugs:

    What does the Chanel store say? They must know who delivers their packages. Is it possible that the driver forgot or neglected to have the recipient sign for it? If it was insured for 'only' $100 was a signature even necessary? Could someone at the store have figured that out?

    If it was me I would have been in my car and at their door in record time. It is much harder to dismiss someone when they are standing right in front of you raising hell.
  5. OP says that Chanel never received the bag... and it is a good suggestion

    to go back to the UPS & raise some hell... OP did you contact the police

    department yet??
  6. I agree with the others that race probably has nothing to do with this. so, i wouldnt mention it again because it weakens your case. Just stick to the facts as you know them.

    Im surprised the UPS woman who processed and boxed your bag didn't suggest insuring it for more. Even if you didn't know, she knows the bag should have been insured for full value. Since it was only insured for $100, you maybe out of luck so hoping the bag turns up.

    In situations like this you need to be a bit more aggressive. That may not be your personality, so i suggest you go back to UPS but take someone with you who will make some noise and get you more answers.

    Good luck OP, hope it all works out.
  7. ^agree... go back to the UPS with someone find the woman who packed

    your box & ask away.....and also OP, you may want to check with Chanel

    again... it is possible that the box arrived

  8. I don't understand why the person who packed the box is of interest at this point since a box apparently left the facility where the OP dropped it off, made it to the destination city and onto a truck that left to deliver it.

    You need to find out the UPS criteria for scanning packages. Is every package scanned upon delivery? Is a certain $$ amount of insurance necessary for a signature? That is why I suggested that it may have been delivered to Chanel and there might be no record of it.
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    Can you post the tracking number? Just the number.
  10. Yes This!
  11. She did. And since I have an UPS account, I was able to see it. Hope OP wouldn't mind I'm posting this.


  12. You so fast as usual! Welcome back BB! :biggrin:
  13. Welcome back,bb.....

  14. If the person did not put the Chanel bag in the box what was in the box??

    Someone suggested anything could be in the box as the OP didn't see

    it being packed... just dropped it off and got a does

    appears that the box left the UPS facility but never arrived at Chanel..

    so something was packed & something left the UPS facility...

    and it is possible that Chanel did receive the bag....let's see

    what happens when the OP updates us..