Please help! Turquoise or Ivory Matellase

  1. Hi! I might be one of the few who are obsessed with the Matellase. I found 2 on eBay, a turquoise medium and a large ivory. Both in great condition. What should i go for? Help!:drool:
  2. turquoise :tup:
  3. i second that!!
  4. turquoise, hands down. :yes:
  5. Turquoise gets my vote too!!!
  6. I vote Ivory...

    I think it's the perfect colour for this particular style of bag. Very elegant.
  7. turq no doubt about it !:drool:
  8. I think turquoise, and I like the medium size more than the large, which IMO is a bit too big. Do you have a preference in terms of size?
  9. Definitely turquoise.
  10. For color, I prefer ivory over turquoise. I agree with fashion-cult that the matalasse looks AMAZING in ivory. However, IMO the medium size is already quite large to begin with, and the large just looks too big. So that being said, go for the turq.
  11. ITA. I have the Medium in Ivory and Black and it is plenty big...The large looks like it would be huge!
  12. I'm a virtual Bal newbie as I only own a Day bag but I vote turquoise! :tup:
  13. Turquoise!!
  14. Turq! Turq! Turq! ;)
  15. Turquoise Baggilou!!:smile::yes: