Please help trying to identify scarf

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  1. Hi,
    I just inherited some scarves from my aunt and I am not familiar with the Hermes scarves. I posted pics.. Can you help me identify this scarf. I tried to search but came up with nothing.

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  2. A Beautiful Scarf ~ Enjoy;)
  3. Very, very chic. One of the minimalist designs from the Year of the Mediterranean a few years back if I recall correctly.
  4. Thanks everyone for the help! Here is another one it a small scarve, chiffon, in a aqua blue green color. Any leads as to identify this one would be appreciated.

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  5. Just bumping to see if anyone has any info on the green chiffon scarf I posted.
  6. Hmm, can't tell much from the photo. Is it a solid or is there some pattern on it?
  7. Sorry about that! That picture wasn't the one I meant to post. Here is a pic of the entire scarf. Thanks again for any information in regards to this scarf.

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  8. Just bumping again to see if anyone has any info on the green chiffon scarf I posted. I updated a better picture.
  9. Hmm, it looks like the colours used on the packaging for the fragrance Un Jardin en Mediterranee - maybe it was a special mousseline produced for the launch? If you need a home for it, I have the perfect space for it in my scarf drawer :graucho:
  10. CVW1004 Thanks for the input. I tried do a search to see if that was so and came up empty handed. The mystery continues anyone else with any information on this scarf I would appreciate it.;)
  11. I think cvw1004 is correct. I have never seen one like it and my first thought is that it was associated with a product launch. I know it is not from Jardin sur Nil, but as I look at it, it does look like the colors of the bottle of Jardin en Med. It is very pretty.

    If you are truly desperate, I would send the photo to Hermes and see what they tell you. You can reach them at the customer service link on

    I am reading a book now about the launch of Jardin sur Nil - Med was the one right before it, and Hermes was putting a lot of effort into the "Jardin" series - I would bet that this scarf is from that launch!
  12. Luvbolide, that sounds like an interesting book - I love the Jardin series of fragrances - sur Nil is one of my everyday perfumes. Apologies Shancor1 - getting a bit OT. Maybe it is time to contact Hermes customer care as LB suggests?

  13. It is a very interesting book - H finally hired an in-house perfumer as they are trying to get serious about fragrances. Jardin sur Nil is the only H perfume that I have purchased - well, it is the only one I like on me, too! But now I am interested in seeing/smelling more. The book is The Perfect Scent if you are interested! Wish I had one of those twillys they put out when the launched sur Nil!
  14. Elixir des Merveilles is lovely too LB! Quite unusual, I was given a sample when I got my Mosaique au 24 scarf. I'm pleased to hear H are getting more serious about their fragances as the only other house that suits me is Dior and I've gone off them a bit. :nogood: But H fragrances are all yummy and the base they use doesn't seem to react with my skin like some of the others :smile: - Perhaps we should actually transfer this to a fragrance thread?