Please Help - Trying to find a Shoulder Tote from Spring '07 Collection

  1. Hello, Everyone! I'm a second-time poster (introduced myself on another thread in Newcomer's Lounge moments ago). I've been looking for what I think is called the Shoulder Tote, in military green. It's a canvas tote, and part of a special Marc Jacobs collection that I can't remember the name of now, but Cameron Diaz was photographed wearing it a lot this past spring (in People, etc.). It's a simple, square-cut typical tote, in military green, with square, silver studs across the top, and an extra little zippered pocket on the outside. It retailed for $695.00. I called the MJ store in NY, but they said that they ran out months ago (and it only came out in the Spring!). I've checked a lot of online bag stores, but to no avail. Any hints on where I might find one?

  2. If the MJ boutiques no longer have it then eBay may be your best bet. I don't think this bag was carried in regular department stores.
  3. Perhaps. I forgot to add that it was a canvas tote.

    I guess I could check eBay, but I don't trust them. I purchased a LV on there, and I found out that it was fake (and the woman seemed so nice...fake handbag, fake FOB, fake wallet).
  4. there are certainly risks with eBay, but you can always visit the authentication thread on this forum