Please Help!!! Togo vs. Chevre

  1. I am on the waitlist for the Blue Jean or Potiron (whichever comes first) Birkin 35 in Chevre, but I originally wanted the bag in Togo leather. Could you ladies help me decide which leather is best for my first Birkin... Which leather wears better (keeps the shape) and which is lighter to carry?:shrugs:
  2. chevre is lighter than togo and keeps the bags shape better.
  3. Blue Jean in Togo is really great. The acid colors like Fuchsia, Vert Anis, orange, Potiron etc are really eye popping in chevre...

    I like both leathers - but prefer togo marginally more than it's more scratch resistant.
  4. For a size 35cm, I think chevre would be better. Lighter, and will hold the shape better.

    I have a 30cm in Togo, and it's faultless. Except for one thing, I do not know (yet) how well Togo will hold up over time.
  5. Togo is slouchier than Chevre. Both are great though and you really can't go wrong!
  6. I have seen both leathers in different colors and they each have their own beauty. I love the subtle sheen of chevre for brighter colors like potiron. I saw someone with a togo BJ birkin once and the matt finish looked beautiful on it.
  7. I am waiting for a chevre birkin. The store manager (who I have a good relationship with) said it's going to be difficuit b/c it's much more rare. But after reading the thread that says there's going to be an increase in chevre production, I'm hopeful.
  8. I would get Chevre.. its a gorgeous leather and it keeps the shape of the bag!!
  9. As a person on a quest for a CHEVRE Birkin, I say CHEVRE all the way, baby!!!! Togo is a much easier leather to find and chevre is more rare. Guess it depends on how fast you want that birkin! As for me, I have some time bc DH just informed me last night that I won't be getting an H bag, particularly a birkin for a LONG time!!! *SOB* *SOB*
  10. Chevre, hands down!!!
  11. If you can get chevre I say definitely get it.
  12. Potiron Chevre! They don't make BJ Chevre, only in Togo, which is also great. But Potiron Chevre is AMAZING!!!
  13. I think both would be a good first bag. I have a togo right now and I am waiting for chevre for my 2nd.

    I will just take which ever comes first and wait for the other leather for the 2nd one.
  14. definitely chevre !
  15. Thanks ladies, you've been very helpful!!! I have another question. From what I've read on this forum I understand it gets rather difficult to get on that desired List, but I had a misfortune of getting a fake Birkin for a ridiculous amount of money from eBay. The seller said it was authentic and on pictures it looked good, but when I got it and took it to my local Hermes boutique, the store manager said it was made of plastic!!! Imagine my embarassment. Although she was extremely nice and said that I should put my name on the waitlist, at that time I wanted to get croc birkin. A few months later I called her up and she took my order right over the phone saying that it might take only 1 year. What do you guys think? She also said as I wanted either Blue Jean or Potiron, they have a policy for only one choice and when the bag comes in I will have to get it. I gladly assured her that I will get either one. She also mentioned one of the most difficult combos to get was Gold in Chevre(she called it goat leather). I know after the conversation with her I was quite optimistic!!!