Please help! Tods handbag authenticity

  1. Hello everyone,

    I bought my very first eBay purchase last week, it arrived on wednesday. It was advertised as an Authentic Tods Miky bag in Tan calfskin with white stitching.

    I am not certain the item is authentic. The thing that makes me most suspicious is that there is an internal stamp which says:

    Made in Italy 8711 Genuine Leather L809

    The bag is lined with brown cotten/canvas fabric and the inner lining can be pulled up out of the bag (sort of, it isn't stuck to the bottom of the bag, you can lift it up, if for example you wanted to clean the bag out). There are 3 silver stud clips at the top of the handle and these are marked on the inside as : Fiocchi Italy. The leather is quite stiff, more like a Longchamp or Chloe, for example, than a nappa Prada. There are rubber studs on the bottom that are sort of a darker tan/light brown. It has the Tod's logo on one end and Tod's stamped hardware.

    If it is fake, then it's a very good one, but I don't want to support the counterfeiting industry. I also don't want to accuse an honest seller of providing a fake item. Does anyone know about these bags? I only own Tods shoes.

    Any help greatly appreciated!
  2. Can you send me the item number (eBay)
    Or post photos?
  3. Hi same problem here I got a Gucci bag from ebay delivered today but Im not sure if this is fake either..the reason being it doesnt have any stamps anywhere just a Gucci metal bar on the front of the bag its supposed to be a Vintage 70s or 80s but it has a slot inside for a mobile phone??
  4. Yes, this handbag in the photos is authentic.
    The seller is also reputable - Over 2000 positive feedbacks and has been selling on eBay since 2000.
    Good job on your first ebay purchase!

    You can get good deals on last season's Tod's handbags. They do go on sale after each season. The reason for your good price.

  5. Thanks so much for replying. I'm only still curious about the fact that in the auction photos the bag has Made in Italy Genuine Leather stamped inside, but no number. Inside the bag I received, it's stamped: Made in Italy 8711 Genuine leather L809...

    The seller has offered a full refund for return of the bag if I'm not happy, which is so totally reasonable of them. I am just so keen to get one of these bags because I live in Queensland, Australia and there is like, NOWHERE you can get Tods bags. It's soooo tragic...

    I even looked on eluxury, which has them for sale, but it doesn't ship internationally. Does anyone know about the site: Designer Imports? Is it an authentic seller?
  6. I looked at the auction photo, and if you look really closely you can just about see the imprinting to the right of the pull tab:

    I have three Tod's bags (including this one), and they're all marked this way. :yes:
  7. Thanks for that it's a load off my mind! I'm an recent graduate with an interest in intellectual property and design law, so I really didn't want to be supporting counterfeit items...

    Three Tod's bags?!!! And a Miky?! Sooooo my dream.

    Would you mind looking at this eBay item: 160082187678

    You will notice the stamping on the interior zipper is as follows: Made in Italy 8711 on the left side of the zip and then in the photo of the right side of the internal zip it is stamped: Genuine Leather L809

    Is that correct? Because my bag has exactly the same stamp and looks exactly the same except it's tan...

    Clearly I need to move to the US so I can buy great bags without all this eBay hassle...
    Thanks for your help