Please HELP to resolve this supposetly fake scarf issue....

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  1. I was stupid enough to jump into BIN right away before thinking through... You know how it goes... "it'll be gone before I make up my mind" blah blah
    So, I did it. Bought and paid. And THEN asked the Authenticators to confirm its genuineness. dame de coeur said it is not authentic
    I emailed the seller right away, and she is willing to return my money, but swears the scarf was bought in Hermes boutique, and that she has other authentic scarves she's willing to part with. She sends me pictures, and from far they seem to be genuine. But not this one - blue Temari I was so excited to snatch.
    I've been sooooooooooo out of touch with "Le Monde Hermes" all these years, that I really need a reality check and your word of wisdom, fellow scarfies! What is it that gave away this scarf falseness?
    1. Was this design never produced in 140cm 100% silk
    2. Never in this cw
    3. Never with such tag
    4. ............... ?

    Have you seen it before? Is it a known fake?
    Please help! I asked to return my money and she didn't send it yet, but kinda willing to risk getting it and examining myself(believe it or not in 12 years of buying Hermes I've never seen any fakes up close), and then, of course, returning it to seller. Silly, I know.
  2. We generally don't discuss on open forum what makes an item fake. You have to keep on looking at pictures of real ones and see for yourself.
  3. I apologize for my ignorance to forum rules, I didn't know I was breaking one by asking the above.
  4. Not too worry! There is a lot of info on this forum. Happy reading!
  5. This has already been discussed in the authentication thread - closing this.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.