Please help to identify this bag

  1. Does anyone recognize the bag in the following pic?
    Which brand does it come from?
    And where can I find one?
    Your reply is much appreciated.


    It's so cute!:love:
  2. I have seen this before....I just can't remember where. I am going to think for a bit and I will be back!
  3. no idea. sorry!!
  4. No clue. It kinda reminds me of a cloth diaper with that big pin on it! Hee hee!
  5. I've seen this bag too, but for the life of me I can't recall who makes it. It looks like there's a name stamped on the razor blade charm. To bad someone couldn't blow the pic up to get a better look.
  6. I found out who makes it. I did a little creative Googling. It's made by Allison Burns. It's called the Atomic Deluxe Collection Bag. still has the matching clutch, not the bag. If you view the bag on, it gives you a phone number and e-mail address for ordering it.
  7. I remember seeing a bag that was black with the same safety pins but I forget who made it. This is going to drive me nuts now :lol:
  8. It is so cute! It doesn't look like is a recent style. Is it?
  9. Nice work, Armcandyluvr!!!
  10. ArmCandyLuvr: You are awesome!!!!:p
  11. OMG, thank you soo much, ArmCandyLuvr.
    U r the best!:flowers:

    I've just emailed them but their inbox were overloaded so my email was returned.
    I'll give them a call then.

    Many thanks to all of u.
    U guys r awesome!
  12. I believe mine is the earlier version of the same bag( Atomic by Allison Burns).

  13. Ohh...that's soo cute! I love the daisy charm.:love:
    How do you like your atomic, bagachondriac?

  14. To be honest with you Rachelle, I've never carried it. Actually, I have three Allison Burns bag that I have yet to carry! I'm so bad about this.So often I order bags just because they are on sale, only to find out once they arrive that they 'just aren't me'!! Don't get me wrong...this bag is adorable, but I tend to carry really really big bags...more hobo type or large satchels. The lining of the AB bags is so vibrant and cute...a deep pink color. Here are some more pics of the Atomic bag.
  15. Here are the other two Allison Burns bags that I have..same style, different colors.