please help to find out this purse.

  1. Doea anyone see it?? My friend send me it,but I can't find it!! Other colors is ok!! Thanks a lot!!!:yes:
  2. ^^ do you mean the blue one (?) :shrugs:

    p.s. if so, try calling "Barney's" or "neiman's"
  3. If you're talking about the blue one, it's a coin purse with giant hardware. If so, I would do as aaallabama suggested and try calling around to Barney's, NM, etc. Gorgeous, BTW!!! You just made me want one too!!!
  4. is that french blue?
  5. yes!yes! just the blue coin purse!! I am not in USA.So it's not the good way to call NM or Barney's.:sad:
  6. i saw it in balhk about a week ago
  7. ^^ the color is '08 electric blue :drool:
  8. Really???Where did you see it?? Thanks!!!!!:drool:

  9. Balenciaga HK still had it when I went in last Friday. it retails for HKD 2800.
  10. My pic! I would call around to different Barney's. I got mine at BalNY but I was on the list.
  11. murph, your CP is a show-stopper. Already a celebrity!! I covet it too :love: