Please help to decide, WHICH ONE as a first Bbag??

  1. Hi ladies! I am still in search of my first bbag..I really want one now!~ I let go a black RH part time from Diabro last week because I was too indecisive and a Marron RH part time from nice tPFer from eBay because I was so silly to go to bed before the auction ends! Now I am thinking what I really want and I must be a bit more decisive to get it. My current choices are:

    - Black RH Part time

    - 07 Mogano RH CITY

    - 07 Tabac/Sienna RH CITY

    - 07 Truffle GGH CITY

    - Black GGH CITY

    I look at my wardrobe and find that most of my clothes are dark colour, and I am 5'6. And I want a yummy/veiny leather!

    Ladies please vote and tell me which one you like more, in terms of colour and leather. Thanks alot!!!~~:heart::heart::heart:
  2. Hmmm, you have some diverse choices here. :yes: The shape of the Part Time and City are different so it depends on your preferences. The Part Time is an east-west shape so it's longer than it is tall, whereas the City is more boxy. Know what I mean? I think with your height, you can pull off either styles very nicely but it depends on the look that you prefer.

    As for colour, you might want to go with an 07 colour since they will eventually stop producing them. But black will always be available. Since you say this is going to be your FIRST bbag, then there will obviously be MORE bbags in your future, right? :graucho: You can always get a black one later. :p

    Have you tried them on at a boutique? That will be helpful in making your decision. Good luck!
  3. I'd go for the mahogano City. I have a chocolate city and the two colors are very similar. It has a really laid back look and goes with a lot. And the leather is beautiful from this season so, that's what I'd pick.
  4. i love the truffle color, just bought a truffle work and am very happy with it, i have a black twiggy too and wear it almost everyday, i have mostly dark colored clothes or brownish clothes in my wardrobe and the black twiggy is just easy to use. the truffle work i wear it less often, the size is much bigger. for your first b bag, i'd say a black one is a wise choice. then you'll want more and become addicted!! :love::love: i suggest you try them on in a shop, the part time is very nice. larger then city.
  5. I really like the Mogano color, so I say go for that. I also think it looks great with GH.
  6. i would go for the mogano city... a member recently got the most gorgeous mogano and the color, leather everything is fantastic! :heart:
  7. i would go for the mogano city
  8. i vote mogano.
  9. I vote for a sienna RH city. I :heart: the color and all of the siennas I've seen have had really yummy leather.
  10. Thanks all for your HOs!! Really appreciate~~ :smile:

    Those of you who voted Mogano city, really want to hear from you how you compare it with the sienna city...The mogano is dark dark brownie in winter our clothes are already would a sienna look nicer? And in summer the reddish tone of the sienna can also enhance our outfits??
    Many thanks I truly appreciate your opinions..!! :smile:
  11. I vote for the Sienna, there is just something about the vibrant red brown that is delicious : ) I agree with a previous poster about holding out on black, it's available every season. Post which ever one you choose!

    I wish you well,

  12. Sienna is a gorgeous brown. BUT, there seems to be a lot variation with this color from bag to bag. I'd recommend buying this color in person if possible. Or purchase with a store that has a good return policy. I'm also interested in this color but I haven't found the right bag yet with color/hardware I'd like.
  13. my first vote would be sienna city and then mogano city... I dont like PTs with RH and dont like citys with GH... sorry not much help!
  14. I have a Sienna City with RH, and I'm head over heels in love with this bag:heart:

    So my vote of course goes to the Sienna City with RH:p Otherwise, Cinnamon would be gorgeous as well, if you want a dark brown:idea:
  15. have you thought about a brighter color since you wear a lot of blacks? if not sienna! :smile: