Please help to decide - New Bag in Azur

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  1. Dear ladys (and men also),

    I need a little help. I can't decide, which bag I should chose. I'm deciding between the Delightful PM with Rose Ballerine Interior (no, I'm not sick of the light pink colors They look perfect to my skin tone) and the new Croisette .

    My thoughts:
    Pros Delightful: Hobos are so comfortable to wear. Very light weighted. Can also hold a bottle of water, a light Jacket. Not so many gold Hardware (silver girl). Not so much vachetta.

    Cons: I normally tend to structured bags, don't like searching for things in my bag. So: maybe too slouchy?

    Croisette Pros: Really cute. Holds the most necessary things. Crossbody is better for me than a small shoulder strap. Light.

    Cons: Small. I don't like the tassel. The handle can bother when worn crossbody and I want to get in (hope you know what I mean). A lot vachetta (because of rain, dirt ...).

    I own: Caissa Hobo, 2 Alma PM, 4 Alma BB, 2 Speedys, 1 Pochette NM. 1 WOC.

    Any thought are appreciate. Sorry for grammar and spelling, I'm not so good in this.
  2. Both are beautiful bags... I guess the question would be... do you want your next bag to be more like your Caissa hobo or more like your Alma BB?

  3. Yes, that would be the question....when I own just 1 Hobo and 4 Alma's/2 Speedy's maybe it would be better to catch the Delightful. More diversity...?!?
  4. I say get BOTH! lol Both are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

    Croisette is definitely in a class of her own. This bag is more elegant/dressy in my opinion, but can be dressed down. Delightful is more on the casual side, however, extremely functional.

    Sounds, like the Croisette would suit you more, from reading your post. I the tassle on the Croisette. That isn't a deal breaker, b/c it's removable. That's a PLUS! The bag looks good without it as well. But, I actually favor it more with the tassle. As long as you can fit your essential items, I say go for it!

    The Delightful isn't overly slouchy. It has a bit of a slouch, but the bag is able to stand, I the look of it.
  5. they are both absolutely beautiful. i was going to get the croisette but passed on it due to the handle issue. i was concerned about the handle sticking up and also access to the contents when worn crossbody. i was also concerned about the size. i do really love the look of both bags tho. best of luck with your decision!
  6. If I didn't own an Azur Galliera PM, I would definitely consider the new Azur Delightful.. it is so pretty!

    But it's really more about what you like to use. If you find yourself always reaching for a crossbody rather than the hobo, then it's a good idea to build on that and have variety in the crossbody bags. If you use everything equally then I would suggest the Delightful and using SLGs to organize what is inside. It will be great in the summer when you need to carry a light jacket/sweater/shawl.
  7. #7 Mar 30, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 30, 2016
    Will the Delightful PM come with the Rose interior? I was in my boutique last weekend and saw the MM size with the Rose interior, but the PM was only in the Beige. I asked the SA if the PM size came in the Rose and all she could said is they didn't have any in. Unfortunately this is a newer SA and she doesn't always have the correct information. I'm just curious if both the PM and MM size will have the Rose interior.

    p.s. I'd vote for the Delightful, but then I love a good hobo bag. Also, the Croisette is super cute, but I am not fond of the look of handles that stick up on bags when the shoulder strap is used. I think the tassle is cute, but it looks a little stumpy :smile:
  8. Croisette gets my vote because I think it's such a cute bag. I actually really like the tassel, but if you don't, I imagine you can remove it. Good luck with your decision!
  9. I vote for the Croisette, but I'm biased because I just got one yesterday. It's super cute and classy. I actually really like the tassel, but if you're not a fan of it, you can always remove it (hey, you can even try to sell it on eBay or something lol people buy everything and anything LV). I'm not a huge fan of the vachetta leather so I wrapped the handle with a bandeau. I only plan to use this bag during spring/summer, and without the strap so I don't have to worry about getting the vachetta leather dirty or anything. Good luck with your decision!
  10. I like the croisette ... It is a cute crossbody bag
  11. Thank you! Yes, both are gorgeous, but I can't wear an Azur bag very often where I live. Maybe I put something for protection on the Vachetta, but here is a lot of rain where I live. That's why I think - one is enough :smile:

    Hard decision. I have the Croisette on hold for the end of the next week. My SA tries to order the Delightful PM Rose. I've never touched her before. I want to try them both. You're totally right: The Croisette is very special and can be dressed up and down, the Delightful is an old model, were used to it, still beautiful und functional - decisions, decisions :biggrin:
  12. Thank you very much! I really think the handle-thing could be a problem for me. I want to try the Croisette in one and a half week, but the Delightful grows more and more on me :smile:
  13. Thank you for your thoughts! I#m always grabbing light bags - I have problems with the weight. Normally Crossbody bags are lighter. But my Caissa Hobo is such a light bag also and with the perfect trim I have the feeling, even when it is more packed, that it feels lighter than my Alma BB. I hope I explained well, what I mean :smile: Maybe 6 little bags are enough and the Delightful is the next one, I "need" ;) It grows more and more on me :smile:
  14. Thank you for helping me :smile: My SA told me today, the PM with the rose interior is in the system, but the don't have one. They should start at the beginning of April and he tries to order me one for the next week. I can tell you, what happend when he calls me next week :smile:

    What you says about the handle is one thing that I don't like normal, but it is a really cute bag. I think, it will be the Delightful, my boyfriend likes this style more and it grows more and more on me. :smile:
  15. Thank you very much, I will tell what I chose in 2 weeks:smile: