Please help to confirm colour of this city

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  1. hi everyone, i'm new to balenciaga and have just bought my first city. could someone please tell me what colour it is? i'm not sure but i think it's cafe. thanks for your help!

    Balenciaga City tpf.JPG
  2. Hi im from singaore too.. Love ur Twiggy. But im useless at identifing colours. I hope somebody can help u out..
  3. It looks black on my monitor. I'm not the expert but the metal plate and the paper tag should help narrow it down. Do you have pics?
  4. hi hipnycmom, thanks for helping, i've attached pics of both the metal plate and paper tag here.

    metal plate.JPG

    paper tag.JPG

    and chpwhy, it's ok, and hello to a fellow tpfer from singapore! :P
  5. yeah that's cafe .. cos it says V on the metal tag
  6. love your city btw :P
  7. thanks so much, Pink_Katana! it's a great bag which looks better with age as the leather becomes more distressed. ;)